Our Favorite Pumpkin Patch

Heath and Pumpkin came to visit me at work and bring me lunch. This visit ended up taking most of the afternoon between the feedings and changings and letting people hold her or touch her skin or determine who she got parts from. We left my office at about the same time and just stopped at home for a minute to get boots and extra clothes then headed to Peanut’s school to pick him up.

Then we headed to Louisburg to visit the Powel Pumpkin Patch. We ran into a detour on the way we went and it took us longer then planned but eventually we came down a hill and saw fields of pumpkins.

We were ready after the car ride and quickly found a wagon and rolled it into the field.

It was fairly warm last night but there was a breeze. Pumpkin slept most of the way but once out there she woke up and after only seeing a couple pumpkins she got hungry and had to eat.

Heath’s mom and sister came by to get their pumpkins and the 4 of us walked far out into the field of pumpkins.

At first we had a little trouble finding our pumpkin choices but before we knew it there was a big pile of pumpkins in and around our wagon. We sorted through the pile and were planning to get one for Heath’s mom, one for her sister, one for Peanut, one for Pumpkin, one for Heath and one for me. However we were not able to pick between some and decided we needed one for Berry too. Peanut grabbed the handle and started pulling the wagon back to the shed.

It was a big load for him and he gave up after a way and let me pull them in. We played in the entrance for a while as Pumpkin was feeling better and there was lots of stuff for Peanut to do and friends to play with. We took a bunch of pictures with Pumpkin.

Our stomachs started growling and the patch was ready to close so we headed home. On the way home Heath picked up a happy meal and a couple double cheeseburgers. Peanut ate quick then hopped in the shower. I worked on a dinner of leftovers for Heath and I.

We had cheeseburgers, fried cabbage, baked beans filled with burnt ends, brisket and ham and some cheesy broccoli rice stuff.

Peanut finished his shower and got on his pajamas and ate a cookie and chocolate milk for dessert. He didn’t want to go to bed with out getting to hold his sister for a little while so once he was ready he got his chance.


Then he headed to bed and got a story Heath made up about an old man named pappy and his old dog Berry going for walks in the woods. It sounded like a pretty sad story but they were both laughing a lot.

Pumpkin was fed and changed and happy. She sat on Heath’s lap slowly closing her eyes then opening them again and fighting to stay awake. We decided we should take advantage of her sleepiness and get ready for bed. I think it was shortly after 9 when we fell asleep but that could have just been me. I have not talked to Heath yet but I know I got a really solid night of sleep and in the morning got Peanut ready and took him to school before heading to work.

I was just remembering the pumpkin patch and I have pictures there from 08KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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and 06


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and Heath said she worked there when Pregnant with Peanut in 04

pretty cool

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