Happy Times and Messy Times

The calm before the storm.

After work I quickly headed home in the rain. Once I got there Heath passed me a pumpkin and she hopped in the shower. This pumpkin was being a bit cranky but nothing a few minutes of gentle Pappy swaying could not fix.

Then I made some lemon aid and cut up some lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, onion and celery for a salad and got together some croutons and Pumpkin stuff. Once Heath was all clean we put all the stuff in the truck and headed to Peanut’s school.  We were full of ideas and thoughts and shared them on the traffic filled drive. We picked up Peanut and heard about his day on the way to my mom’s house. We were the first to arrive and got a cartoon on for Peanut and let Pumpkin sleep in her carseat. My mom came home and then my Grandma and Grampa with a couple of Waldo Pizzas.

We put together a big salad with the stuff I brought and a bunch my mom had. My sister and Chris came by and we all ate a bunch of salad and pizza and Pumpkin slept all through dinner. Pumpkin was the main reason we got together and everyone had peaked into her carseat but she had not stirred. I decided to change her diaper and see if she wanted to get up for a little bit. She woke up and we passed her around the room for a while.

Nana held her

And Kelly held her

And Mom held her

Mom broke out the picture albums of me and my siblings at Pumpkin’s age and we looked through. I grabbed mine to scan some in and should have some on the site by tomorrow to show. Then we headed home and Pumpkin got some new clothes and a baby beanie baby. She grabbed the pink bears ear/head and held on tight till we got in the car.

Once home Peanut got ready for bed kinda slow then we got ready for bed too. Just before going to sleep Heath decided we should change Pumpkin’s diaper since it smelled a little funky. Indeed it was a little funky. Heath got her cleaned up and just before she put on the new diaper she made a rookie mistake. She took away the old diaper without having a new one to put down right behind it. As soon as Pumpkin’s booty laid down on our sheets she squeezed and and squirted out funky business all over the sheets. After our shrieks we got her cleaned up again then changed the sheets for bed. It was a pretty decent normal night of sleep till a little before 6.

She was hungry and Heath fed her but she was really making lots of noises durring the feeding and decided it was time for some exercise as she “sang” and worked her arms and legs for a while. I gave up on sleeping and brought Peanut in to start waking up next to his busy sister and then I hopped in the shower. Mid shower I heard a comotion in the bedroom. Pumpkin had a big spit up all over Peanut and the fresh clean sheets. So he took over my shower and Heath had to take off the sheats again after only a few hours on the bed.

I guess the guilty look on her face and change of clothes Heath brought her made it all better.

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  1. The Mrs. says:

    It was a messy night and early morning indeed.

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