Sometimes I am surprised we get anything done

no that’s not a nipple ring, my wife shot me with a staple gun.

I was really hungry after work. At lunch I had a couple slices of leftover pizza and a ton of fruits and vegetables that had all worn off before dinner time. A month or so ago I cooked up a bunch of meals and used up all my favorite cooking dishes freezing them for help during post baby times. We never really needed them but I do want my dishes back so we are cooking them now. Last night was enchiladas. I put the dish in the fridge the night before but after work they were still pretty much frozen solid. So after work I stuck them in the toaster oven on med low heat and just kept the timer going. To get my mind off food I jumped into the insulation project in the family room. I started out with a can of expanding foam and a bag around my hand and started filling in everything I could possibly see air getting through.

This project has been all about being unprepared and running out of supplies so right away I ran out of foam and had a lot of wall left to do. Heath seemed a little worn down from her day of running errands with Pumpkin so I grabbed the pumpkin and left Heath to relax while we went to Home Depot. I was pretty sure I just needed 1 more can but it was on sale and I was not interested in coming back if I ran out again so I got two. We came home and found Heath not realizing but she had cleaned the kitchen and done all the dishes. I got back to foaming and covered everything possible and used up all of 1 of the cans. Dinner was warming up but not cooked yet so we turned up the heat and added more time. Then we broke out the staple guns the razor blades and the insulation and got to business.

(it was more fun then it looks, remember the picture at the top of the post)

While we were working Pumpkin kept an eye on us and did some swinging.

We got just about every possible space filled in with new good insulation then washed up and sat down to dinner in the kitchen.  It was perfectly cooked and some good enchiladas. We had it with brown rice and some tasty guacamole Heath had made earlier. After our dinner Pumpkin was ready for hers and some rest with her mom. So they headed to the jumbled living room.

I brought in all the wood paneling boards and started putting the puzzle together of where they belonged.

(you may be wondering what is on my arm here, it’s a paper wrapper for a bag of tea, why?, I got some foam on my arm and that stuff does not wash off and I was tired of getting stuck to my shirt and insulation and stuff so I stuck that there to cover up the sticky)

I got all the pieces brought in and about in place but they are big and hard to get just right and hold in place and then shoot nails into them and into the wall so Heath came to help with the big ones. Pumpkin was not interested in her swing or chair. It turned out she wanted to help us out by keeping an eye on the jack-o-lantern. 

She had an impressive starring contest going for quite a while but eventually the vegetable got the best of her as it never blinks or turns away.

Heath and I had an easier time then I had expected and anytime a nail gun is out there is fun to be had.  We got all the big guys up before Pumpkin got pissed at the pumpkin and needed to eat to regain her strength. I was able to get the rest done on my own and they went up quick till I got to the last 2 pieces in the corner where everything meets. Both pieces put up a fight, especially the last piece. I decided the last piece was too beat up and cut a new one for it. I worked the new piece over trying to make it fit but eventually i decided I had beaten it too much and would need to cut a 3rd piece. I cut this one a little smaller and had an easier time getting it to fit.

Once it was in place the room was ready to be cleaned up a bit so we could start painting.

I was a sweaty, itchy mess and it was after 9 so we decided to wait for painting. This morning I did get all the drop cloths and rollers and brushes and primer out but we have not started yet. We painted a few other of our wood paneling walls a pretty normal white color and think we will do the same in here.

But we have not 100% decided. We definitely want something light but want to look into ideas for a little color. Do you have any ideas or thoughts?

Anyway we packed up and headed to the bedroom to begin the nightly fight for sleep with Pumpkin.  I grabbed a Miller High Life Light on my way and after taking a drink squirted in 2 drops of real lime juice.

I took the beer into the cool shower and spent 5 minutes cooling off by sipping my “corona w/ a lemon in it” while “swimming on a beach“. Once clean and not itchy anymore I joined my girls in bed and watched Sons of Anarchy and Nip Tuck while trying to get Pumpkin comfortable and asleep. I seem to always win at falling asleep first but lose by getting up first too.

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