Photo night

A ton of pictures got taken last night but none on my camera.

However everything in today’s post was taken on my camera.

I don’t go into work Tuesday till 1pm so I’m going to put up a little post tonight.  Right after work I headed home and helped Heath to grab a white shirt and a black shirt and some blankets and stuff. Then we headed to Peanut’s daycare and picked him up. Our foursome then continued South to Spring Hill. We headed stait to Fish Kiss Studio where Heath’s Cousin was waiting for us.

Peanut headed to the play room to play with his cousin. Heath headed to the bathroom for some makeup and I helped Brook to get Pumpkin set up and start shooting pictures. We started out sticking her in a little basket on her stomach with just a pink hat on. Then I put on a black shirt and held her out over some black background and got some shots of her floating there. Then we took a few over my shoulder then Heath came out and we got Peanut in some and moved around and around the studio changing clothes and positions and working Pumpkin over. I don’t think she enjoyed the evening much but I bet we got some really good shots.

Unfortunately we won’t know for 2 weeks. Heath’s cousin leaves the country soon and will take a while to get our shots back to us. Once we were done, Peanut and I picked up and Heath fed Pumpkin. Then we drove home for dinner.

I had a couple different cuts of pork in the crock pot ready for us. They had low cooked all day long in a bath of pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, and terriaki sauce. I had also started the rice cooker with a big load of rice and it was all ready to go. I heated up some frozen green beans with some garlic and soy sauce then shredded up the pork and we sat down to eat really quickly.

The meat was so good and worked perfect on a bed of rice. We all ate a bunch of it. After dinner Grannt took a shower while I did dishes then he ate a cupcake and got on pajamas. Then we read a story about a frog that likes books. Then I posted this up and rocked Pumpkin. I am hopeing she is just as ready for bed as I am now.

but I would say that is unlilkely.

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2 Responses to Photo night

  1. thePrewitt says:

    she got 6 pics up

  2. TCB says:

    Last one with Pumpkin is the best.

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