A Night Packed With Visitors

Start today off with something besides Pumpkin:

This was from last Sunday after one of many swims in the river.

When I walked in the door last night everyone was sitting on the couch reading a Star Wars book. I got them riled up and we decided to try to quickly enjoy the nice weather and take a quick walk around the block.

My Mom was coming by to pick up something and see Pumpkin so we tried to hurry but she got back to our house a few seconds before we did. We all headed in and Peanut played some Wii and we watched and talked and she jiggled Pumpkin for a while. Then we started getting hungry and she headed out and I got dinner ready. We were excited because it was Brinner night (Breakfast for Dinner). First I cut up an apple and mixed it into pancake batter with some cinnamon and made 5 apple cinnamon pancakes that were so good we barely needed syrup. While I was making them Heath cooked bacon and I fried eggs and toasted mini bagels and smoothed some cream cheese on them then we made everything into little sandwiches.

The sandwiches were also awesome and in no time all 3 of us had clean plates but still hungry stomachs so Heath and I made another egg sandwich for each of us and I made a round of blueberry, banana pancakes for all 3 of us. Heath also brewed a pot of decaff coffee with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream in it and we had a proper breakfast.

I’m not sure what brought it about but we were in a good mood and while working together to make dinner we stopped for some family hugs and pictures.

After dinner Peanut got on pajamas and I played with Pumpkin while he and Heath made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

While they were cooking we broke out the giant Winnie the Pooh book and we all got to reading.

Mid story we got warm cookies and milk and kept reading. We went from page 30 to 57 before it was time for Peanut to brush his teeth. Just as he was finishing up the doorbell rang and the neighbors across the street came over. Their son and Peanut started playing and got all wound up. They picked up some maternity clothes they had loaned Heath and held Pumpkin a bit then headed home. Then Peanut went to bed really fast considering he has just been running around the family room.

Once he was in bed I found my dutch oven, lined it with foil then started pealing and dicing apples and tossing them in. Then I mixed in brown sugar and cinnamon and butter and mixed it all up good. Then I poured in yellow cake mix, packed it down and poured on a layer of honey and butter melted and mixed together.

Then I stuck it in the fridge to keep till tonight.

Heath and I started watching Son’s of Anarchy and we heard a car pull up and paused it. Our friends Russ and Liz came by with their 5.5 month old girl, Arrie. We all talked and looked the girls over and told baby stories and delivery stories and laughed at the little noises and habits. Then Jon and Amanda came over to return the van. Jon had just bought a new truck and no longer needed to borrow it. I just caught a glimpse of it but it looked like this.

Jon and Amanda had a full night and may have been a little overwhelmed with all the baby so they headed home pretty quick and shortly later Russ and Liz left. Heath and I packed up the family room and took Pumpkin to our bedroom. She had been eating all night but each feeding got cut a little short when people came over so Pumpkin was ready to eat. She gobbled fast as we watched the end of Sons of Anarchy and then acted a little cranky. Once the show was over we started to get ready for bed but…


… Pumpkin’s stomach was not down the big fast feeding she had and returned the goods. The soaked all of her clothes and some of Heath’s with the clear/white spit up and made quite a mess. We got her undressed then I hopped in the shower with her and rinsed her off. She really likes showers now and it’s an easy way to clean her up. After she was out and dry she got new clothes and ate a little more then fell right asleep. I followed.

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2 Responses to A Night Packed With Visitors

  1. The Mrs. says:

    I like Pumpkin photos over Berry photos any day! Sorry Berry, you are just no where near as cute as our sweet little Isabella!

  2. TCB says:

    And Matsui, Godzilla is MVP!! YES YES JAPANESE!!

    I still like Royals.

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