Great Night for Hot Dogs in the Driveway

After work I put on my overalls and boots and started getting ready for a weenie roast. I tossed 2 cans of baked beans in a crock pot and squirted in some bbq sauce and I tossed 2 cans of corn in a crock pot and tossed in some cream cheese and shredded cheese. I turned then both on high then Peanut and I headed outside. I moved the vehicles for a wind block and some privacy. I asked Peanut to set up some chairs for us.

We ended up with every folding chair and camping chair we own in a big circle around the grill. We easily lit a fire with some yard waste as tinder and branches that had fallen in our yard as fuel. Peanut and I continued to go overboard and set up 3 tables for supplies and hooked up a radio and brought power to a table and moved the crock pots out there.

Then he started playing in his tractor.

I brought out the dutch oven and set it next to the grill and put a load of coals on top of it.

Around this time Pumpkin got changed and fed and then Heath put her in the front pack and they headed out to join us.

We got some drinks and hung out for a few minutes then decided to grill up 1/2 a kielbasa sausage appetizer.

I don’t know if it was convenient timing or the smell of sizzling sausage but shortly later the neighbors started to show up. First from across the street then from next door. We all grilled a bunch of dogs on sticks over the fire and made plates with them and sides. It was all pretty good and the fire was doing really well to keep us warm but not smoking us out too bad.

The kids played more then ate and the adults talked by the fire.  Shortly after the hot dogs were all ate we broke out the smores and the kids were more interested.

(Pumpkin is still in the frontpack sleeping under Heath’s jacket)

We cooked marshmallows and I remembered my crock pot and started making an effort to cook the cobbler by adding coals and turning the pot. I saved the little room left in my stomach for cobbler but the boys could not hold back when there was chocolate and marshmallow available. 

A little while later Stephen brought over some vanilla ice cream and we opened the crock pot and scooped plates of apple cinnamon cobbler with the ice cream. It was really good and everyone seemed to like it but I think it could have cooked a little longer.

After dessert we packed up all the chairs and tables and trash and leftovers and put everything away. Everyone headed home and Peanut got his pajamas on and teeth brushed. I did some laundry and cleanup of more bonfire leftovers and then joined Heath and Pumpkin on the couch. While Peanut was getting ready for bed we were getting Pumpkin out of the front pack and woken up to eat and change.

She was in a good mood after the bonfire nap and we watched some TV for a while. Once we went to bed Heath fed her again and just after I fell asleep I was woken suddenly by a terrifying sound beside my head. I heard something like a loud wet whoopee cushion.

The noise was followed a few moments later by several more unpleasant noises and after we were sure she was done Heath and I rolled up our sleeves and started operation clean up. At first we were sure it was going to require a wardrobe change and probably a shower but luckily the new diaper had held and contained the mess. Pumpkin obviously felt much better and we all went to sleep a little later.


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