I felt stuffed with great food all weekend

I got a few good pictures this weekend

But for some reason I didn’t take many pictures and have some big gaps in the post.

Friday was kind of a weird night. I was pretty beat when I got off work and after visiting Heath and Pumpkin for a bit I took a little power nap. This really did not do me any good and I struggled to get the motivation to change the oil in the cars or climb in the attic and work on sealing up drafts. Eventually I put all this stuff off and instead started doing dishes and getting stuff for dinner ready.

I had a pack of 3 pork chops from Aldi that came pre marinated in some chipotle smoke flavor or something like that. I grilled those, made some Spanish rice, corn, black beans and fried some peppers and onions.

We ate by the TV and filled our bellies with tasty fajitas. Once we were full and the leftover food was put away and Pumpkin was fed we headed to Walmart. Heath needed a shower gift for Amanda and there was a few other things we wanted.

After Walmart we downloaded and then played Super Mario Brothers 2 until I was completely convinced that I sucked at it. Then we headed to bed around 11. Pumpkin got to sleep pretty quick too. At about 1:30am my phone rang. I saw it was Jon and ignored it. Then I got a text from Stephen and shortly later we heard a knock at our window. Stephen had hosted a poker night and we had talked about playing the tennis/soccer hybrid game called Pumpkin Ball after poker. Heath and I were tired and hoped rolling over and ignoring them would do the trick but then Berry started barking at them and they kept knocking and eventually came into the house looking for me. I gave up deciding I would not be going back to sleep anytime soon and got up to play.

We quickly set up the court, got the soccer ball, took a couple tequila shots and started playing. We started with Stephen and I against Jon and Derrick but played 6 games so we were with each partner twice, each time on a different side of the court. I guess it was close to 4am when we called it a night. Jon and Derrick crashed on my couch after.  Heath and I woke up at 10am, the exact time she was supposed to be leaving for the shower. She quickly showered and got ready while I dressed and changed Pumpkin then she fed her and the girls left with Becky.

Jon had left early that morning but Derrick and I cooked up a pot of potatoes and eggs then settled down on the couch to watch KU and K-State play some football. Kentaro showed up just before the game. At halftime I made some dip out of re fried beans, spinach, cream cheese and velveta. We ate a bunch of this then Derrick headed out and KK and I fell asleep during the later part of the 2nd half. We woke up just before the end of the game and discovered we had not missed much action.

Once the game was over we headed outside to enjoy the weather and get some stuff done on my todo list. We started by pulling the truck next to the wood pile and filling it up with logs. Then we drove then to the backyard and put them under the deck.

It took 2 full pickup loads to get the cord of wood 16ft x 4ft x 2ft. I hope to keep good track of how much wood the stove burns this year so I can be adequately prepared in the following years. Once the stack was piled close to the stove and out of the rain we checked on Heath and Pumpkin. They had a good time at the shower and going to rest and feed. So KK and I changed the oil in the truck and Vue and filled all 3 vehicles with anti freeze and siphoned out the trucks power steering fluid and replaced it with some new fluid and worked on the gas leak on the van. Everything went really well but we did not figure out the van problem yet.

Once done playing mechanics we got cleaned up and packed a cooler then Jon came over and the 5 of us headed to a hog roast hosted by Heath’s cousin. It was an amazing set up with a big trailer with a huge smoker on it next to a barn with a big buffet line of food and a nice bonfire and pick nick tables and a big group of people.

They smoked a whole pig and a bunch of brisket and cow tongue and sausages and hot dogs. My favorite for real was the tongue, it had a good smoky flavor and was more tender then the roast.

Pumpkin tried to sleep but everyone wanted to see her and it was a little cold and breezy and pretty loud. We got uncomfortably stuffed and listened to some karaoke then headed home. We watched some episodes of Always Sunny then headed to bed. KK stayed over.

In the morning Pumpkin was fussy and I was awake so I took her out so Heath could sleep. We went for a walk up and down the street a few times and rocked a while and mostly tried to keep quiet and not wake Heath in the bedroom or KK downstairs. Eventually I found she really liked laying in her crib and watching the monkey mobile.

Heath woke up and came in to feed her in the rocker and I started to make a breakfast plan. Heath’s phone rang somewhere then mine and we discovered Amanda and Jon wanted to do breakfast. We decided to go to Chelly’s our favorite Mexican place and try out their breakfast. Pumpkin ate then Heath pumped and I got the cooler for later ready.

We met them and got a table easily, in fact we were the only customers and a little worried. We got 5 different breakfast plates and they all looked and apparently tasted great plus were huge. It was kind of fun starting breakfast with chips and salsa too and I think we will go back again sometime.

After breakfast Heath quickly got ready then we headed to a Chiefs/Jaguars viewing housewarming party and Kelly and Chris’ place in Gardner. Pumpkin slept for a while when we got there then ate some and made faces and Heath. Once she had a full stomach she got passed around so all the friends and family that wanted to hold her could.

We watched the game and checked out house changes and somehow managed to eat more. Our favorite was duck, smothered with cream cheese and jalapenos then wrapped in bacon and grilled.

After the game we headed home and crashed on the couch to digest a while. We went back and forth between Cops and more football. KK headed home then I hopped in the shower, a few minutes later Pumpkin hopped in too.

Both of us really needed a shower and she really seems to enjoy the warm water. I took my time rinsing her off avoiding her face and concentrating on her bottom half. She just watched me and the water and hung out till it was time for Heath to get her dried off.

That was about it for our night. We crashed in bed and tried to make Pumpkin sleep and she fought us and we watched some tv. Eventually sleep got us all.


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