Hiking is Hard Work

Pumpkin only seems to make it for a few minutes before it wears her out.

Before we get started on last night here is a shot of us playing tennis from the night before.

So last night the plan was to rush to Minor Park as quick as we could after work and hike. As quick as we could was not all that quick though. Pumpkin needed to eat when I got home and I needed to get water and Berry and changed and Heath needed to change and we needed to burp Pumpkin and get her loaded. We finally did get loaded in the truck and drove to the park. Once there I started to load Pumpkin in the front pack but we had not burped her enough or something and she lost her meal in the parking lot.

Berry was not as excited about the regurgitated milk as I thought he might be. Pumpkin got a wardrobe change in the car

and then I was able to get her loaded in the pack and we were off.

Heath led and and set a good quick pace. We had to go fast if we wanted to get any hiking in because it gets dark so fast now.  We stopped very briefly early on for a few pictures but then hiked on.

Berry got a quick swim at this point but otherwise he was just running around the trails I imagine smelling the deer that come out at dusk. It was pretty dark when we got back to the truck.

On the way home we went to a different Aldi to stock up on food for next week. We got something like 78 items for $96 and just about everything was fairly healthy.

We were getting hungry so while Pumpkin ate I got started on dinner. I boiled some whole wheat rigatoni, made some salads and mixed up a super chunky sauce with onions, peppers, corn, celery, black beans, mushrooms, zucchini and turkey meatballs.

We were not sure how the beans and corn would be in the sauce but they were a great touch. We had a glass of wine and watched TV while we ate. There was lots of good tv on so we stayed on the couch by the tv entertaining Pumpkin and watching our shows.

Jon stopped by for a little bit while making preparations to go look for deer in the woods tomorrow.  Shortly after he left we moved to our bedroom and decided to give Pumpkin a shower.

Then she got another wardrobe change and we all worked on going to bed.

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  1. Stooks says:

    Berry was not as excited about the regurgitated milk as I thought he might be.”  My favorite quote in quite awhile.

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