Happy Birthday Pops

I have the whole week off work while I take care of Pumpkin and Heath is working.

I think it’s way too soon to think about Christmas but the festivities have begun.

I got off work on Friday and started my 9 day weekend. I went strait to the zoo to find Heath, Peanut and Pumpkin there.  IMG_1632

They had been looking around for a while but when I got there we headed strait to the sea lion show.


Pumpkin and Heath got to watch a most of it but then Pumpkin got hungry and Heath went to feed her while Peanut and I watched the rest.


It was a good show. Peanut was a little bummed because last time we watched it they house the star wars soundtrack playing in the background and this time it was silent.

After the show we wondered around a bit and saw a few more animals before the zoo closed and we headed home. At home we had a snack and played for a few minutes then went to downtown Overland Park for some doughnuts, cider, carolers a giant tree and SANTA.


Peanut did great with Santa and told him he wanted a firetruck and helped out his little sister. Ding and his family was there too and we all watched them light the Christmas tree then we headed out. Once home we were really ready for dinner so I took the lid off the crock pot.

The morning before I had taken a big chunk of pork that I had previously frozen in BBQ sauce for a week and put it in the crock put with a bunch of pineapple and more sauce. It had slowly cooked all day and after Santa I just pulled little strips off with a fork.  Then we made some big sandwiches.

We all ate it up and it was possibly better then the last one I tried. That was about it for Friday night. Saturday we got up and started working on the house, cleaning rooms and stuff. Peanut worked on art projects and letter writing projects most of the morning.

Most of Heath and my stuff was kinda boring stuff organizing and laundry and straitening but I did replace the screens on the vents for my attic. There were two that looked like this from the outside.

I pulled them off.

put new screen up and then put them back up like this

This got me one step closer to being ready to insulate the attic. I also got down the outside Halloween decorations and Heath got the indoor ones and Peanut dusted behind her.

Then I watched Pumpkin and Peanut and Heath played on the trampoline and tire swing until the rain picked up.

Pumpkin spent a lot of the day in the frontpack wondering the house with me. We had made dough early in the day and when we got close to dinner time I rolled it out into 2 pizzas. 1 we covered in buffalo chicken and Frank’s sauce. The other was covered in the pulled pork leftovers and a honey BBQ sauce.

Jon and Amanda came by and helped add onions, mushrooms, green peppers, cream cheese and zucchini.

We ate it all up and mixed up smoothies to drink with pomegranate, orange juice, apples, strawberries, mixed berries bananas and more. They were thick and packed with fruit. Once Peanut and Amanda had theirs we added some rum to Jon, Heath and mine.

Pumpkin was hanging out being cute or fussy most of the night.

We ate drank and watched Wizard of Oz then played some wii till it was bedtime.

In the morning we found the family room and kitchen were a mess again so we slowly cleaned things ate breakfast and relaxed most of the morning. We finished laundry and got it all folded and put away. The only interesting project was Heath working on the letters for Pumpkin’s room.

She is painting and sanding them and then we will mount them on the wall above the crib.

Around 4 my mom came over to watch Peanut and Pumpkin while Heath and I had a night on the town.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


We got dressed up fancy and headed to dinner and drinks party that my radio station was throwing for the volunteers.

It was downtown at a place called Terrace on Grand and pretty nice, we had boulevard wheat and salmon and cheese cake plus some other stuff. The place had a cool roof with a great view of the city.

Once it was over we headed home and worked on getting the kids and adults to bed.

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