1 day down

My first day off with Pumpkin went really well.

Heath got her fed just before leaving then she slept for a while and I got to work on my post and start moving tv set ups around. I put the Time Warner dvr box in our bedroom and moved the computer in out bedroom into the family room. Pumpkin woke up and ate some but feel right back asleep so I put her down again and worked on lunch and dinner and played with the computer a bunch. She woke and I changed her fed her and then she would fall back asleep most of the day. I got time to paint some trim make a great dinner and do dishes and stuff. During a lot of cooking dinner I had her in the front pack with me while I was pealing potatoes and cutting them and other vegetables.

I hope the rest of this week goes as good as yesterday.

Heath and Peanut got home a little late but dinner was ready shortly after they got home. It was BBQ casserole.

The last of the pulled pork mixed with BBQ sauce on the bottom, then a layer of baked beans, then a layer of garlic cheesy corn, then a layer of fried sweet and regular potatoes and all of it covered in melted cheese.

It was great but really filling.

We also had salad and apple sauce and for desert Heath brought home some cheeseburger cookies from work.

We were all fairly worn out and took it easy for the most part, I got a coat of paint on the molding and helped Peanut put together a race track and work on his star wars blaster made from toilet paper rolls.

Heath and I did some more tweaking with the new tv set up and then watched some and headed to bed.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    izzy has eaten twice and I have eaten once. I have not really cleaned or painted or anything but I did bake a pie for tonights dessert. Pics tomorow

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