A Typical Day as a Stay At Home Dad

I’m back at work now, at least for a couple days. Yesterday I took several pictures but they are only of two things. Most of them are Pumpkin looking cute or Heath and I trying to get her to smile.

And the other few are of the bathroom ceiling. I’m not ready to post them so I’ll just use cute Pumpkin ones today and anything else that seems apropriate. Yesterday I got up around 5am when the radio station called me to let me know that only about 1/4 of the internet was working plus a bunch of other things were messed up. One of the other problems didn’t let me remote in from home so I got dressed and headed in.

I fixed the problems I could and alerted the proper people to fix the problems I could not fix and got caught up on some work stuff untill I really needed to get home so Heath could go to work. I woke her up and made some coffee and started picking up the kitchen and familly room. Pumpkin was fast asleep and I got the baby monitor all set up and Heath went to work. I did all the little daily chores I have been doing since I have been home like feeding the dog and fish, dishes, making a dinner plan and working on projects. First I decided to clean out both fireplaces.

I got a 5 gallon bucket and a little shovel and got to scooping. I took about 3 gallons of ash out of the basement fireplace and about 7 gallons of ash out of the upstairs fireplace. I dumped them in the backyard.

Then I started realing in the hoses and storeing them in the shed.


I turned off the water to the outside on 2 of the 3 faucets and found the 3rd had never been turned on. While I was downstairs I got busy on the crown molding for the basement.
4 of these boards are for the guest bathroom and 4 are for the master bathroom and all have been primed and 4 have been painted. 2 have been cut close to the right size. I kept myself busy till 10 and then decided to start putting up molding because it would be loud and Pumpkin needed to wake up. I climbed on a chair in the bathroom and balanced seveal boards and a nail gun and some guides and started to put things in place. I could hear Pumpkin stiring on the baby monitor and decided to change my mind. It seemed I would spend 10 minutes getting things lined up then would need to make more cuts and if I eventually was able to get the boards the right size and in the right place and ready for a nail that it would surely be time for Pumpkin to start screaming for milk or diaper change.

So I decided to hold off on the molding untill Heath was home.

I got some frozen chicken thighs out of the freezer and thawed them. Then I put them in the bottom of a 9×9 baking pan. Then I tossed on sweet potatoes, onions, green peppers, carrots, zuchini and mushrooms all diced up. Then I poured a bunch of minute brown rice onto everything and shook it down into any gaps. Then I opened a can of cream of mushroom and sperad it on top with another can of milk. Once it was ready I stuck it in the fridge and got Pumpkin.

Pumpkin and I spent most of the rest of the day eating and napping. She ate a bunch and twice we both retired to the bedroom for a nap but she only slept about 30 minutes each time and I think I just fell alseep moments before she was ready to get up.

I wanted to take Pumpkin for a little walk/hike but as the afternoon wore on it just never worked out. She was in the mood to snack/nap. She would eat a little and drift off to sleep, as I got up to get ready she would wake up and want to eat a little more and repeat.

Heath got home kinda late and we were both starved so cooked the chicken stuff. A while before it was ready I shreded a bunch of cheese on top and let it get melty.

Everything was raw so it took a while to cook it and then we took our time eating it and watching tv. Afterwords we were stuffed and digested for a while then got hungry for ice cream and decided to make a few cookies and ice cream. Then we headed to bed early.

So I want to make my 3rd pie late this week or next weekend, any suggestions?



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