A Good Productive Weeknight

Wow this looks kinda gross

Before we get into my life too much I’d like to share a bit from my sister Sr. Carri. She is still at the nun factory and seems to love it. Apparently nuns don’t get too excited about the new Super Mario Brothers on the Wii or last weeks Always Sunny but a new dishwasher is cause for a gathering and a video.

They are all sisters but mine is the one in the middle with sleeves rolled up and a watch on. They are doing a major project on the kitchen and gutted everything and built a super nun kitchen.

I worked a little late trying to get caught up on some things and once home I avoided the couch and the TV so I would not get pulled into another night there. I headed to the bathroom for some business. The ceiling in there looked like this.  IMG_1734 IMG_1736 IMG_1737

We painted the walls green when we first moved into the house and I suck at edges and did a bad job. Anytime I was in there looking around I was reminded of this paint job. I am still bad at edges so a repaint did not seem like a good idea so we put up crown molding to cover up the bad paint. Everything was already painted and I had a few boards already cut to size so we stuck the first one up there and Heath and I popped a few nails in it.


Then we measured the next one and I ran downstairs to cut it while Heath and Pumpkin worked in the hall.

Pumpkin just watched us and made little grunting noises while Heath sanded down any rough spots on the block letters she is working on. We worked our way around the little bathroom measuring, cutting, fitting and nailing.

I ran up and down stairs with boards a bunch to get each cut just right. Soon enough the whole room was covered with new trim.


However there are still a few steps left.  There are several nails like this: IMG_1759

They got in good but the little head is poking up. So after dinner I got the punch and hammer and tapped them down below the surface.  IMG_1771
I’ll also take a bit of that glazing stuff there and smear it over the holes so once painted over you can’t tell where the nail went in. I’ll also squirt a little silicone into all the cracks and probably along the seams to make it look better and help seal out any moisture.


Once the boards were up Pumpkin got fussy so Heath fed her and I quickly put a dinner together.

I boiled some wheat noodles and topped them with a sauce that I had to make because we only had a little bit of spaghetti sauce left in the jar. I put the leftover sauce in the blender with a can of rotel and a pile of frozen spinach. Then warmed it up and covered the noodles with it. We also had some frozen chicken Parmesan patties I heated up and we made some garlic asparagus and a dinner roll. We had glasses of milk and wine too. It was all pretty good but the asparagus was the best.

After dinner was cleared I ran to Home Depot for the silicone you saw above and a few other things. Then I tapped in all the nails. Pumpkin pant’s exploded around this time and she got a surprise sink bath.

I started to smear the dap but Heath and Pumpkin were fed and had clean pants so we headed downstairs.

We built up the fire down there and tossed in some big chunks.

Then broke out the clippers and scissors and Heath gave my hair a trim.

My hair was too thick at first to use the clippers so she cut it down some with the scissors first then stuck on a 5 guard and buzzed my head. It went pretty quick and in no time I was more beard then hair.
It looked a little funny so I stuck the 4 gaurd on and buzzed the beard down and trimmed it up a bit.

In case you are curious I wore a poncho as an apron to keep some of the hair off me. Pumpkin sat on the other side of the fire and watched us. She seemed to like the sound of the clippers buzzing because if she got a little fussy as soon as Heath turned them on she calmed down and watched her goofy parents.

The haircut turned out great and cooled my head off and my favorite part I can put a stocking cap on for a while and take it off without my hair looking any different.  Once we were done I showered and ate some more pasta and then we watched House, played with Pumpkin a bunch then went to bed.

Have a great holiday everyone. We will be around most of the time but making little trips to Springfield and Joplin. Cross your fingers for good weather.


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