Monthly Archives: November 2009

Got to use your imagination today

On the way to work I realized I forgot my camera and figured this post would be bad. Then I remembered the 38 pics Brook took. So today’s pictures are not of what we did but they are cool.

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Date Night: Fitness Edition

It’s been quite a while since we have seen Heath running. But she will be running a triathlon in a month so it’s time to start.


Attic stuff, Baby stuf, Etc.

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I felt stuffed with great food all weekend

I got a few good pictures this weekend But for some reason I didn’t take many pictures and have some big gaps in the post.

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Great Night for Hot Dogs in the Driveway

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A Night Packed With Visitors

Start today off with something besides Pumpkin: This was from last Sunday after one of many swims in the river.


Smiles, Doctor, Books, Etc.

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Photo night

A ton of pictures got taken last night but none on my camera. However everything in today’s post was taken on my camera.


What a fun weekend

If you were not in KC yesterday you should know it was sunny and around 70 all day. So we took full advantage.