First Nature Hike of December


Pumpkin and I had a super productive morning. We did a washed, dried and folded a bunch of laundry, vacuumed the whole upstairs, swept the kitchen, did the dishes, made dinner, went to my work and looked for xmas lights at Home Depot. Then at noon we relaxed a bit and Mike showed up with some burnt ends sandwiches from Gates. Mike and I ate and Pumpkin took a nap then we watched some tv and caught up on old times and played with Pumpkin between mini naps.

When Mike left Pumpkin fell asleep and I painted the ceiling and trim in the bathroom. Then I packed up the truck, fed Pumpkin, bundled her up and off we went to Minor park for some hiking.


It was not this dark when we started out. We hiked a while then Heath and Peanut came out so we came back to the car and got them.


It was this dark when they showed up so we quickly hiked a ways then quickly hiked back. We had a full moon and it was early so the dark hike was kind of fun.

Once home I got some minute rice going and opened up the crock pot I had started earlier.

It had 2 big chunks of ham in pineapple juice and BBQ sauce. Then on top I cooked some carrots, sweet potatoes and pineapple chunks.

We ate it up then Peanut hopped in the shower. Once clean we all snuggled up on the couch and watched part of The Cat In the Hat.

The movie got a little boring for me and I’m not working tomorrow morning so I decided to get my post done. At bedtime Peanut will brush teeth and go to bed and Heath and I will probably stay on the couch till our bed time. I’d like to put up another coat of paint or something but I am not that motivated because my back has a red spot.

I had Pumpkin in the front pack a lot this morning folding clothes, sweeping, vacuming and stuff and it was worn out when we decided to walk a few miles in it again.

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