Looking More and More like Christmas


I worked a half day yesterday afternoon and got stuck at the office late. So when I got home we were all hungry and needed a dinner right away. Luckily it was Peanut’s night to decide what to cook and cook it with our help so we all jumped into it.

First on his list was smoothies and Heath talked him into Orange Julius.

While they got started on the drinks I pealed and cut up an apple and diced strawberries. Peanut helped mix them up with pancake batter and then we cooked 4 apple cinnamon pancakes and 4 strawberry pancakes.

While those were cooking I cut a few slices off our leftover ham and got out some eggs and veggies. The ham was so tender Peanut was able to cut it into little pieces with a butter knife.

While he was doing that I cut up zucchini, green peppers and onions and cooked them just a little bit with some pepricka and garlic. We set aside the ham and veggies and made up 3 omlets then filled them with cheese and the toppings. No veggies and only 1 egg for Peanut. Heath fed Pumpkin and then we ate.

Peanut’s egg was done first so he got started with out us. We ate all the eggs and all but 2 of the pancakes. The most surprising part was Peanut’s plate was empty when we were done and I didn’t help him eat any of it.

After our dinner Heath fed Pumpkin some more and Peanut took a quick shower then we broke open the boxes of Christmas gear and all pitched in to unpack and display it.


While Heath was carefully unpacking things I got the lights on the tree up with Peanut’s help and then since we have no star or angel we carried on the 3 yr tradition of sticking a stocking cap on the top.


We hung stockings and displayed manger scenes and hung stuff from the wall and slowly added ornaments to the tree.

Peanut has his own mini tree and it seemed to be ending up with all the ornaments at first.


Once it was real full and about to tip over he helped add some to the main tree.


It took us about an hour and not everything is unpacked yet but our living room went from full of boxes of xmas stuff to looking pretty festive.


Then Peanut headed to bed and I told him a story of the time Batman and Robin called the Star Wars Jedis for help. Heath fed Pumpkin more and I headed to Tommy Farhas for 3 beers with Jon. They were $1 each and the place was fairly busy.

At bedtime we headed our separate ways. Heath and Pumpkin were still up when I got home and I joined them in the bedroom to help curse at the Time Warner DVR box that has been trying to update for over 24hours now. We eventually got Pumpkin calmed down and the cable run strait to the tv and then went to bed.

I’m home from work today and the house is all clean and my projects are done or can’t be done with Pumpkin. Not sure what to do. I’ll probably try to cook something new and intresting unless I find something that needs done.

PS. Yesterday I snuck in a late post at the end of the day so if you missed my new Pumpkin videos check them out.

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