A Weekend Mostly at Home

Friday I came to work early then left at 10:30 for Pumpkin’s 2 month check up.

(Heath is making a 2 with her hands and Pumpkin is following the movement with her eyes)

2 month is one of the checkups where immunizations are given and Pumpkin got 3 shots and one oral. She was not a fan of any of them and screamed her little face off. It was the first time I have seen her eyes produce tears and much worse then the “I’m hungry” cry we usually hear. However as soon as Heath picked her back up she quieted right down. She was a little scared of being laid down on the table again after that but otherwise seemed ok.

Everything else went really good she is up to 11lbs 14 ounces and 25 inches tall I think. (Heath may correct these numbers if I’m off. My favorite quote from the doctor was “she is a very cognitive little lady”.

After the appointment I headed back to work and the girls went home to rest. When I got home we screwed around awhile and ate dinner then made some chocolate covered pretzels.

While we had melted chocolate going we added sliced apples and peanut clusters. Then we packed up everything and we all headed next door for Becky’s birthday party.

We ate a bunch more snacks and had a few drinks and looked at the cool new fish tank and played the new super mario brothers on their wii.

We spent the rest of the night hanging out at the neighbors then we all got to bed late. We slept in the next morning then started a day of working around the house. We cleaned and picked up things and replaced light bulbs and fish tank water and vacuumed and got the house in great shape. We also made a walmart run and got many things we needed.

I also did some cooking. I did a crock pot pulled pork again that may have been an improvement on the last two. I also made some baked beans with a bunch of bacon in them and some cheesy corn and part of a salad.

I got everything but the fries made ahead of time but I did do a little prep on the fries that made them super crispy.

I pealed and cut them then sprinkled on some salt and stuck them in the freezer for several hours. I had heard this helps pull moisture out of the fries but I had never tried it. When it was time to fry them I opened the freezer and they seemed purple and floppy and had ice all around them. I was sure they were a disaster but once fried they were super crispy and really good. The whole meal turned out just as I had hoped. Peanut cleaned his whole plate with out any pestering from me or Heath.

I made this big meal because Heath’s cousin and her daughter from Alaska were coming to visit and meet Isabella.

They came with Heath’s aunt, her boy friend and son.

We ate the dinner then headed downstairs for wii, karaoke, pool, duplos and more.

In the morning Peanut and I got up fairly early and I started making breakfast sandwiches and potatoes and he watched cartoons. Once breakfast was ready I started on a strawberry banana pie and Peanut came in to help me because we had to get a lot of stuff done at once.  I had a frozen pie shell and lined it with sliced strawberries. We made a pudding from flower, sugar, salt and milk then added some egg yolks, 1/2 a banana smashed up, a handful of strawberries smashed up and some vanilla. Then we poured the pudding onto the sliced berries in the shell.

We put more slices of berry and banana on top then made a meringue from the egg whites and sugar.

This meringue was perfect it got super fluffy and tall as I spread it over the pie.

Peanut went back to cartoons and Heath got up but I stuck it in the oven for 20 minutes and joined them in eating breakfast.

Once it was cooked I stuck it in the fridge. I think that was about it for excitement in our day. We stayed in our pajamas for most of the day watching football and eating nachos on the couch.

At some point Heath got motivated and tried out running. It’s only the second time she has run since mid pregnancy and our 6 mile triathlon is 5 days away. Peanut went with her and rode his bike to offer support but it was hilly and he ended up needing to be pushed more then helping her.

When they got home I realized I have only run twice in a long time too and better make sure my knees and stuff still work. I ran a rough 3 miles and stopped a few times to catch my breath let Berry swim.

After all the exercise we mixed things up and headed downstairs. Peanut and I played Mario cart for a while then I made a quick dinner of brown rice, shrimp corn leftovers and asparagus. We ate light because I also brought down the pie. Heath and I quickly ate our dinner then got slices of the pie. We scarfed these and each got another. Peanut was eating slow and watching too much tv and we had 1/2 the pie gone before he caught up.

Surprisingly he didn’t eat much of the pie though it was really tasty and sweet. After dinner we hung out downstairs for a while then Peanut read and went to bed and Heath and I moved upstairs to watch Fringe on the big tv before heading to bed.

Today I head to a remote broadcast at the Webster House downtown to watch listen to celebrity chef cook up some holiday specialties. I have a feeling it is going to be a really fun and tasty day.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Chris was close, but a little off.  Pumpkin is 11 lbs and 7 oz, and 23 in long.  The Dr was also impressed with how long she was.  So she has gained appx 4.5 lbs since birth and grown 3 in.

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