Dust and Meat


I started work and left work a little early yesterday so I could help Heath get to a doctor appointment. Pumpkin and I dropped her off at St. Joe then we headed to Sun Fresh to check out the meat selection. I’m looking for a good deal on ground beef or turkey or something to use in making a bunch of chili for the triathlon.
The cheapest beef was just under $2 a lbs and I was hoping to find a better deal. However they did have pork roasts for $0.99 a lbs and I picked one up since Heath and I are obsessed with crock pot pulled pork sandwiches.

I didn’t hear from Heath so Pumpkin and I headed to Price Chopper to check on their meat. Once there we discovered they were having a Massive Meat Sale starting Thursday. I could not really find any details on what would be on sale or for what price. Shortly after getting to the meat department Heath called and was ready to be picked up so we headed out and got her. It was early but all of us were hungry so I started on Heath and my dinner and Heath started on Pumpkin’s first dinner. I cooked a bunch of cabbage, some Asian noodles, peas and tilapia with glasses of boxed chardonnay. It was pretty tasty and healthy after our lunch of McDonalds. (got McDonalds for lunch so we could get 2 glass coke cups)

After dinner I put back on the long sleeve work shirt I had on earlier, an old army shirt, my Miller stocking cap, my dust mask, gloves and a head light, then headed up into the attic.  Armed with expanding foam and insulation I worked my way around the attic looking for recessed lights

and exhaust fans

and anywhere else we may have draft leaks. I tried to fill in around the edges with the foam and then moved loose insulation around them better. I also added extra insulation from some leftover rolls I had and moved some other insulation I had found up there around. Once I felt better about the drafts I could find I put down a handful of small light foam boards on the spots I remembered being the worst drafts. Then I moved onto the big 4×8 foam Rboards.

I started over the bedrooms and wedged these boards into the farthest corners and worked my way into the middle and then back toward the kitchen and garage. I got most of the house covered in these. They are light weight but large and hard to negotiate around the attic, especially while balancing or crawling on rafters. I also kicked up a lot of drywall dust while working on them.


Once all the insulation was used I gave everything a last look over and decided I was probably done for the year on attic insulation. I wanted to blow in a bunch more insulation to help keep more heat in the house but I think more insulation will make it really hard to work on things up there so I may wait for a few more projects to be done first.

I climbed out of the latter all dusty, sweaty and cold. I got some wood for the stove and put away some stuff then took a good shower. After the shower I got some stuff cleaned up in the kitchen and got the crock pot ready for some of the pork roast I got.  I joined Heath and Pumpkin on the couch and had another glass of wine and watched the Departed.

This is a cool movie if you get the chance to see it.

We didn’t finish before heading to bed.


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