Mommy Test Run

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with today’s post.
so read the post, then imagine some picture here that would have been appropriate instead.

So my camera never left my pocket last night. At the time that seemed fine but this morning it does not seem fine because I really rely on a few pictures to get my blog going.

After work I drove to a school with a kindergarten and toured and talked. Then headed home to check on my pork roast. It had made the house smell magnificent and shortly later I poured off all the juices and shredded it into something a lot like this.

We cleaned up the kitchen and family room some so we would have room to cook and eat and we got the wood stove going good and then I made our bed so we could show off the new setup. 

Heath and I screwed around in the kitchen working on various dishes till a little before 6 when Jon and Amanda showed up.

We finished making dinner then had the pulled pork sandwiches and some french fries, cheesy broccoli rice stuff, and asparagus. Pumpkin chilled in her little chair watching us eat and told us strange baby things.

After dinner I gave a brief run down of how I bottle feed Pumpkin when we are home alone.

I got Amanda up to speed on how I warm the bottle, pick out the right one, distract Pumpkin till it is ready and then feed her.

Then I got some milk warmed up and Amanda got Pumpkin and took her to the couch.

Amanda tried to feed her but Pumpkin was not intrested in eating and instead fell asleep.
We laid her on the couch and played till she woke up. Once she was awake Amanda tried to feed her again but Pumpkin was not into it. Heath and I had been trying to stay away so Pumpkin would not think we would feed her and she would eat for Amanda but eventually I came over to help. I switched out the bottle for one I had used before and warmed up the milk a little more.

Then we stuck this                         In here and Pumpkin ate.

 Pumpkin 021it

She killed one bottle then burped a few times then ate a bunch from another bottle. Then Pumpkin was happy.

And Amanda was happy.


And Heath and I were happy

For some reason Peanut and Carri were pretty happy too.

The rest of the night we hung out by the wood stove discussing Bon Jovi, wood heat, and the Triathlon. Amanda and Pumpkin are going to guard our house while we are out running and after last night I think we are all ready.

While playing by the fire Heath brought out the pumpkin bread she made and we ate some up.

Then Jon and Amanda headed home and we picked up a bit and got the fire ready for the night and got the dog ready and the xmas lights ready then crawled into our new bed and watched a bit of Modern Family and Cougar Town before falling asleep.



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  1. The Mrs. says:

    my ankle looks kinda like this: but with less hair, as I found this pic on the internet.  But the bruising and swollen-ness is very similar.  I will try to get Chris to take a pic tonight to post up for you.

  2. The Mrs. says:

    Here is what my ankle looks like.  This was taken at lunch today.

    Heath sprained ankle

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