A Couple Arm Loads of Delight

~9lbs of pork and ~12lbs of baby

Just like yesterday I left my office and headed strait to a potential new school for Peanut. Heath and I both liked this school better then the one yesterday and the tour was better as we got to talk to the kindergarten teachers and principle a bunch. It was pretty cool.

Once out of the school we stopped by a True Value hardware store to look for C9 red christmas lights. They were sold out of that size in everything but blue. So now we have checked for 1 string of lights at Ace, Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot, another Walmart and True Value and everyone is sold out of big red lights.

Then we headed strait to Price Chopper to check out the Massive Meat Sale. I had my fingers crossed hoping to find ground beef or turkey at $0.99 a lbs and I was a little disappointed not to find any but I did find the $1.89 stuff was marked down to $1.39. So I grabbed 2 packages of just over 4 lbs each. We also decided to grab a 9lbs pork loin that was like half price and 2 lbs of ground sausage.

All the sausage, at least one of the hamburgers and part of the pork are all going into the chili I will be making for tomorrow nights Triathlon.  When I checked out the packages of beef rang up cheaper then the label and I ended up getting them for just under $1.08 a lbs.

Heath and I were in a meat mood and decided to drive over to Sun Fresh to see if their pork roasts were still $0.99 a lbs. On the way over Jon called and said his radio station was giving away Bon Jovi tickets to some caller in the next 10 min. So Jon, Amanda, Heath and I all listened for the give away and then quickly called and called and called. We all got busy signals and some other lady one but it was exciting for a few minutes. Sun Fresh had moved on to other deals in the meat department and so we just headed home. We got Pumpkin fed and changed and built up the stove and let the dog in then headed out again. This time to Gardner to see Kelly and Chris.

We brought some pumpkin brownie muffin things and Kelly and Chris made cheesy potatoes, pineapple, cream cheese dip, 2 kinds of cookies, and creamy spicy duck wrap deals.

It was our second time having these things and I really like them. Chris shot some ducks last weekend then marinated them until last night. Then cut them into bite size chunks and wrapped bacon around the duck, some cream cheese and jalapenos and stuck a tooth pick through them and grilled.

We spent most of the night around the table snacking eating desserting and talking. We passed Pumpkin around some and she worked on standing some and she blew drool bubbles and made some friends.

Then we headed home and built up the fire and climbed into our still exciting new bed. We watched good tv till I fell asleep.

In the morning I built the fire back up, got ready for work and started piling up chili supplies.

I got all the cans that sounded good in chili together and tossed a chunk of pork into the crock pot with chili powder, garlic, cilantro and Worcestershire sauce to slow cook all day.I’ll make an aldi run today for the rest of the stuff we need and start making chili tonight or tomorrow. If you missed it Heath rolled her ankle on Monday and yesterday at lunch it looked like this.


She seems to be walking good but says it hurts and obviously things are right. She is headed to the doctor this morning but still plans to partake in as much of the triathlon as she can.


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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Good News: Not Broken

    Bad News: Doc said to stay off it, ice it and keep it elevated.  He wraped it up in an ace bandage and sent me home.

    Best News:  I’m still in for the run…most likely a slightly modified version..until I get enough drinks in me not to notice if it is hurting.  We will see about the last part though.

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