The Weekend of the 5th Triathlon

We did not look nearly this good when we got home.

Ok lets start with the chili. In my opinion it was perfect and I got a lot of compliments from the drinkers on Saturday night and a bunch on Sunday after everyone had time to think it over. I’ve had some requests for a recipee but don’t really use one, especially on chili so I figured I would write what I did.

5th Triathlon Chili Procedure:

I started the morning before and put a 2lbs pork roast in the crock pot. I covered in chili powder and cilantro and let it low cook all day ~8hrs. That evening I got 2 forks and shreded it. I also browned 4lbs of hamburger, 1lbs of spicy pork sausage, 1lbs regular pork sausage, 2 tubes of spicy chorizo sausage and I sliced up 1 kielbasa sausage and added it. I spread all this meat between 2 big crock pots and added 2 spicy chili mix packets to one pot and 2 regular packets to the other. I put about a cup of diced green peppers and diced white onion into both pots. Then I broke out the can oppener and oppened all this.

I put a can of rotel in each and a can of corn. I puto 2 cans of black beans 2 of kidney beans and 1 of chili beans into each pot. Then I mixed it up and had more room so spread in another corn, chili and kidney between the pots and mixed it up some more.

Once the pots were full Pumpkin and Heath inspected them then we put them on low and left for the next 12 hours. All the fat left in the meat liquefied and all the flavors combined and released and amazing smell and flavor. My stomach was running the show when I got home and I didn’t take any pictures but it looked pretty different then when I started it.

I had another crock pot packed full of hot dogs and baked potatoes to eat with the chili. I don’t remember eating these but all the dogs were gone in the morning and the potatoes had not cooked long enough.

My sister Kelly picked up Peanut around noon on Saturday to go to a Christmas party. Then Heath and I headed to Walmart to get subway, pictures, and dog food. When we got home Jon, Amanda and Derrick were at out house gearing up. We got a fire going and started feeding Pumpkin as much as we could. Over the next hour and a half our team showed up and got ready and jerseyed up. Once we were all ready we said by to Amanda and Pumpkin and hopped in the van. 3 people took another car and 17 of us hopped in the van.  IMG_2080

We headed to  Brooksider since it was next to an ATM. The upstairs was closed for a private party and they herded us to the basement.


In 2 minutes we took it over and probably bought more drinks then they had sold all day down there.  IMG_2082

We just stayed for one before deciding to add Hoopers to the run and head over there. It was a bit of a backtrack but a good warm up before a long section.


We had another drink at Hoopers then ran the long hard stretch of the run from Brookside to Waldo. This was a little over a mile all on a gravel path.  We took this to the Well and were pretty hot and starting to sweat so headed to the roof where it was cool and misting a little bit.  IMG_2090

We had our drinks and got cooled off. A bartender worked really hard on getting a propane torch going for us even though we told her not to worry about it and sure enough right after it was going we packed up.  IMG_2089

Then everyone jogged across the street to Hanibals Waldo bar.  IMG_2092

We were pretty popular here getting a lot of attention from the other people in the bar.


They were pretty excited about our run. This lady decided to join us for the next 3 bars.


We ended up staying at Hanibals for quite awhile.


It was dark when we decided to pack up.


We headed across the street again and to the far end of the parking lot to Lews.  IMG_2099

We show up in a crowd and flood the bartender with cheerful drinkers.  IMG_2101

Then we moved to tables.



After a couple drinks and our 5th bar people started feeling pretty good.

Outside of Lews I got a good part of us together for a picture before we hit the trail again.


We ran the 5 blocks to Tommy Farha’s. It was a little to far for Derrick and he broke out a flask.


Then we headed in for the cheapest drinks of the night.  IMG_2117 IMG_2131 IMG_2135

The people in the bars were really enjoying us. A lot wanted to buy shirts off me and said they wanted to run next year.


We stayed at Farha’s a long time and tried to stay hydrated.

 IMG_2140 IMG_2145

2 of our late arrivers were going strong at this point trying to get caught up.  IMG_2149

Eventually we all headed the 3 blocks to Patricks.  IMG_2151

And took over the top and the bottom of the bar.  IMG_2156 IMG_2161

It goes with out saying that we were pretty wound up by this point.  IMG_2160

I’m sure they liked all the money we brought in but they were probably ready for the bar back when we left.


Then we ran 2 more blocks to Swagger where I think we were a little more laid back.

 IMG_2173 IMG_2195

We mostly played pool.

 IMG_2184 IMG_2177

But sure enough we started getting wound up again.

 IMG_2178 IMG_2190 IMG_2214


So we left swagger and ran 4 blocks to the last bar but we didn’t make it inside right away.  IMG_2221

Amanda brought kk back while Chiaki watched Pumpkin and we all played in the parking lot for a little while.

Then we all headed in


We were all still going strong and really started partying at Flo’s.

 IMG_2253 IMG_2263 IMG_2255 IMG_2268 IMG_2277

Eventually we all worked our way back to our house  IMG_2296

I didn’t take any more pictures but we tore up the chili, broke out the karaoke and played till we all fell asleep all over the house.

I tried to get a ton of pictures into the post but with a pool of 231 it’s hard to get them all. There were lots of really nice shots I didn’t get to. CHECK THEM OUT HERE


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5 Responses to The Weekend of the 5th Triathlon

  1. The Mrs. says:

    I think it was actually the 5th triathlon.  It was the 4th that I attended, but 5th over all.

  2. thePrewitt says:

    i’m so pissed I had everything typed up and many of the pictures in my post then closed firefox on accident and lost it all. time to start over

  3. DB says:

    Have we retired the “Joggermeister Award”  I think it’s fair to say Mary Kathryn is probably a shoe in for it.

    Also, the pictures were really good.  They weren’t nearly as many “throw aways” as one would think out of 230 pictures.  Such a great looking bunch surely has to do with it.

  4. thePrewitt says:

    I remember talking to someone about it at one of the bars but we never settled on anyone. Mary Kathryn is the older lady that joined the run mid way? My vote would go for her. Felicia aparently puked on the run so she would be in the running though I know lots of people puked later on. Also it was Derrick’s birthday the night before.

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