A Night of Shopping


I had the morning off on Monday but I worked the afternoon and stayed late. Once home I got busy reheating chili and baked potatoes for dinner.

We loaded the potatoes up with chili cheese and fritos. On the side we had fried cabbage, carrots and pears. We rushed Peanut through dinner then started our night of running errands. Our first stop was Wal-mart. Over the weekend we printed a bunch of birth anouncements and a bunch of christmas cards there but the christmas cards cut off some of our lettering. So we went up there with the image on a cd and tried it again. It’s a self help kind of deal but I asked the technition if the image would work and not cut off our words again.

It would take an hour to print so we headed east to Grandview and the Dollar Tree they have. It was time to let Peanut pick out presents for his aunts, uncles and Grandmas. We were trying to hurry and this worked pretty good. Heath and I had to give him a little more direction then I would like and he wants to concentrate on a gift for himself but eventually we found something for everyone and a few extra things we wanted.

Then we headed back to Wal-Mart. First stop was the photo pickup and the same guy that said my pictures would be fine an hour ago told me my pictures had the words cut off and he tried to fix it but could not. So we left the pictures there and headed to the cell phone counter.

Heath and I have been looking at Wal-Marts Strait Talk phones for a while and had decided to give it a try.


She is currently with T-Mobile but her contract is up and we were trying to decide if she should resign a contract or switch carrierers or just keep things the same. The Strait Talk unlimited plan is considerably cheeper per month at $45 and has unlimited calls text and web. It uses the Verizon Network for coverage. It’s a month by month plan with no contract so if she likes it for at least 3 months it will have paid for itself.

Has anyone tried this, or heard of anyone that has? All the reviews I found were good.

After walmart we rushed home again and got Peanut ready for bed. He was starting to get tired and was ready. We got Pumpkin changed and fed and then hung out on the couch a little getting caught up on TV then headed to bed ourselves.

I have the day off compleatly and just added a white boarded besides the words on our cards and sent them back to wal-mart. Lucky for us we have not been charged for any of them but we still want to get sending our cards soon. Pumpkin and I will probably head there in a little bit.

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