My Productive Yesterday

So yesterday was a pretty awesome day home sitting on the baby. The morning started out with a sleeping Pumpkin.

and then she woke up.

But before she woke up I got to work. I did my post, I drained 25 gallons from the fish tank to the bar sink with a garden hose.

And then filled it back up with cleaner water. I did all the laundry I could find, including quilts, diapers and baby gear.

I made a Frito burrito for lunch and some pork veggie Chinese food for dinner. I did all the dishes and straitened the house. I started addressing Christmas cards and getting them ready to send. I replaced a door knob on the basement bathroom. I found the chunk of plywood and painted it white.

Then I got worried about Pumpkin sleeping so long so I started working on projects in our room where she was asleep. Like taking the Time Warner Box down so I could turn it in for a better functioning unit. And I started folding laundry until she was awake.

Once Awake we changed diapers and got some milk warming up. She drank as much as she could then let out a few burps and I stuck her in the car seat. We headed to Wal-Mart and picked up pictures that did not cut off words and grabbed a few xmas presents. Then we headed to Aldi for milk, peanut butter and a bunch of fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. Pumpkin fell asleep again between these two errands so I took her for a 3rd to Time Warner were I got a new DVR box.

Once home she slept long enough for me to unpack all the new stuff and get some milk warming up. Then I changed her and she ate a bunch of the milk. After her tummy was full she sat with me while I trimmed the walmart pics and then put them in the xmas cards. Then we worked some more on dinner. 

We set the table and dimmed the lights and got candles and wine glasses. We cut up some meat that had slow cooked and added broccoli, carrots, pineapple and zucchini.

Heath picked up Peanut and took him for a haircut after work. Then they got delayed in traffic and were kind of late getting home. We all got down to eating right away. Pumpkin first, then the rest of us.

After dinner Peanut and I headed downstairs to the board I painted white.

Peanut was super excited to work on his town or village or whatever it is. Basically he has been going through our recycles and saving boxes and things so that he can glue them together to make a city.

We got started but quickly ran out of glue. So instead of sticking things to the board we got the pile organized and started making skyscrapers that we would glue together later.

We did this till it was getting close to bedtime and Peanut needed to shower. He showered and got ready for bed then showed off his beginnings of a town to Heath and went to bed. Heath and I folded all the laundry I did and got it put away then I took a most needed shower.

Once I was all clean I got out a cheese greater and shredded a bunch of dark chocolate and almond bark into a bowl. then I got a bunch of ingredients together and fired up the stove.

I put flour, salt and sugar in a pan and started cooking. I slowly added milk stiring all the time. As it started to turn into pudding I added several spoonfuls of the grated chocolate and a big spoonful of chunky peanut butter.  I also put in 3 egg yolks. 

Heath and Pumpkin came to help out and we continued to heat and stir and add more chocolate and then I added some butter and vanilla while Heath stired.

We put more chocolate in and 2 spoonfuls of creamy peanut butter and then turned off the burner and just stirred a bit more till it was really creamy and thick (besides the crunchy peanut butter). Then we poured it into a premade chocolate pie crust and spread it out.

I sprinkled the last of the shredded chocolate onto the top then started working on the meringue.

I got my egg whites beating then slowly added sugar and they got really frothy white and thicker and thicker. I had what seemed like my best meringue yet when I decided to sprinkle in some more chocolate and peanut butter into it. The chocolate was fine and gave it a speckled look but as soon as I added PB the meringue liquefied and was no longer frothy and thick. Something in the oil must not work well with the egg. It tasted great so I poured it on anyway and baked the pie.

I didn’t take an after pictures but I imagine we will cut into the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Pie tonight and I’ll get some shots.

After pie we watched a bit of TV then went to bed.

This morning was a bit of a mess with Time Warner Internet going down and a very awake baby but I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.



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