The Plaza lights through Prewitt Eyes


I started Wednesday with the morning shift. Pumpkin was already awake so we helped get Heath and Peanut ready and out the door. We got Berry fed and the fire going and then Pumpkin was ready for new diaper and some milk. She made up for sleeping all day tuesday by staying up all morning. So we did some exercises of her standing up and trying to roll over and some other fun father 2 month old daughter stuff.

I got Pumpkin to fall asleep briefly so I took a shower and ate an early lunch before she was ready to eat again. After she was fed we started to get Heath and Peanut lunch then I noticed the internet at home died. Heath was planning to head home at lunch to work from home while I went to work but she would need the internet. I tried reseting things and checking various things but I was pretty sure Time Warner was not giving us any internet. So Pumpkin and I called tech support and eventually they did some testing and agreed they were not getting us an internet signal. They thought there was a good chance a new modem would fix it but were not sure.

So when Heath and Peanut got home I ran to Time Warner for the 2nd time in two days and got a new modem. This did not fix our problem though. So I headed to work and Heath was stuck with no internet. I worked a half day then everyone came to my office at the end of the day. Peanut colored pictures and Heath fed Pumpkin untill I was ready to go.

Then we headed over to the plaza to check out the lights and have a night on the town.


We started out parking up the street from 810 Zone and going in there for dinner. They have 1/2 price appetizers from 4-6 so Heath and I figured out what to get, Peanut played on the little video game thing beside the table and Pumpkin took a nap.

We got BBQ wings, nachos and cordon blue balls at under $5 each. This was plenty of food for the 3 of us.



Domestic bottles were cheep too so it was a nice cheep dinner.


After 810 Heath fed Pumpkin in the car while Peanut and I paid and cleaned up in the bathroom then we joined them and hooked Pumpkin up in the front pack for a stroll.

We walked to the Apple store first and asked if Stooks was working but he was not so we wondered around some more.


We walked block after block around the plaza looking at the lights and in the store windows. We tried to each name something christmassy in each store window we passed.


We planned to stop in at the McDonalds but once there discovered it was closed so just turned around and headed toward the car. Then we drove home taking a long route to look at more lights.


Once home Peanut quickly showered and put on pajamas and I cut into the peanut butter chocolate cream pie.

I cut out three pretty small pieces and Heath fixed up some hot coco and we sat down to dessert.

It was crazy rich and filling but pretty darn good. After pie Peanut went to bed and we told a GI Joe story about protecting a bridge. Then Heath fed Pumpkin and I ran to price chopper for juice boxes for Peanuts holiday party at school.

Today I’m off work and Pumpkin and I will find projects or play to keep us busy.


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