1st Christmas Party so far

I was home all day with Pumpkin yesterday.

We did some vacuming and cleaning in the morning and then a tech from time warner came to check out why our internet goes up and down frequently. We wondered the house following cables and trying to keep Pumpkin calm until he decided me moving the modem was the problem. He didn’t seem to care that I moved it a year ago and only started having problems a month ago but it was almost free to run new cable to all the tvs and the modem so we decided to do that. So he schedualed someone to come out and do it this afternoon.

After lunch Becky watched Pumpkin for a bit and Stephen took me to work to pick up my truck and bring it back. Then Pumpkin and I made a pizza dough and ran some errands.

We went to Home Depot for hot glue and duct tape then to McDonalds for an extra value meal and coke glass but the drive through was closed so we drove on. We went to the post office to mail a package and a bunch of christmas cards but the line was out the door so we skipped it and came home and made sandwiches.

When Heath and Peanut got home Heath fed Pumpkin as much as she could and Peanut and I headed downstairs to do some glueing on his city or trash town as I call it.

Having a lot of glue really helped things. We moved from building to building putting all the pieces together with the glue and then sticking them to the board.

Eventualy we got the board filled with new buildings we cleaned up and Heath and Pumpkin came to check it out.

Then we headed upstairs and Peanut made his dinner.

I got all the ingrediants set out and he put his pizza together and stuck it in the toaster oven.

Then Heath and I got ready and my mom and Mike came over to babysit. After some brief instructions we headed out and they stayed.

Heath and I headed to Waldo Pizza for her work Christmas Party. We were early as Heath was throwing the party and wanted to make sure things were all ready. So we got a beer from the bar. The bartender had a beer certificate and knew his stuff. After a few samples we got a bottle of this.

It was really tasty and strong. Heath’s coworkers showed up and we had some small talk and a bunch of appatizers and salad and then pizza. We talked to a bunch of people and got a few other beers and ate a ton.

Then we grabbed a bunch of leftovers and headed home to relieve my mom and check on Peanut and Pumpkin.




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