Pretty Comfortable Chair for a Baby

Once I mount the bottle holder and remote shelf she will be all set.

Yesterday Heath swang by my office just before lunch and took me and Pumpkin to The Gran Falloon to try out the $4.50 burger and fries day. We both got some really tasty burgers and Pumpkin slept through most of it. After dinner she got hungry so the girls came to my office for Pumpkin’s lunch and a diaper change.

We showed her off a bit then they went home and I got back to work. After work I came home and played with Pumpkin a bit and Heath and I cleaned up our mess from the weekend and got some rice cooking for later. Then we started getting out the Christmas wrapping supplies and the gifts.


We had a bunch of curry chicken vegetable stuff left so we ate that then got busy on the presents. Pumpkin started out in the little blue chair at the top of my post but after a while got tired of sitting and laid down on this deal and kicked the monkey for a while.

Heath and I wrapped and wrapped presents and kept and eye on the tv and the baby.


Eventually we got all the gifts in our pile wrapped and placed under the tree.


Peanut was kind of bummed last week when he got home and it was empty beneath the tree so when he gets home tomorrow he should be pretty excited and even more so when Santa adds his stash Christmas morning.

Wrapping took up most of our evening but afterwords I did get time to go downstairs and break out the spray paint on Trash Town.

The shop does not have enough air circulation for spray paint so I probably won’t do this again but I just shook and sprayed till the can was empty. It could use another coat or two to get things really covered but I don’t want to paint it again and this way it looks like a light dusting of snow.

Peanut is really excited to decorate and decide what each building is when he gets home.

After painting Pumpkin was pissed so I tried to help Heath calm her down then we all headed to bed.


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