Who has 2 thumbs and loves Christmas



I am working today but I am not alone in my office.

Peanut came in with me to get out of Heath’s hair while she works from home and likes to play at the radio station and I want to record him talking about Christmas and most of all him being here gives my boss more incentive to say “It’s snowing out there you better head home early”.

So last night I got home and checked in with all the kids and mom and put a plan together for the night then started to make a dinner I thought Peanut would like. He picked out the corn and I fried up some turkey kielbasa, made shells and cheese and baked some sweet potato wedges.

Once it was all ready and Pumpkin was full we sat down to dinner.

The 3 of us ate every last shell, tatter, sausage and kernel of corn. We screwed around the house for a while trying to get ready to go and eventually got loaded in the car and headed to WalMart.

On the Day before Christmas Eve. Yes it was packed and Yes we are nuts. But remember we sent pictures there the day before and needed to pick them up. So while we were getting our pictures we got the last few items we could not get at Aldi the day before and eventually got all checked out and headed home.

Once there Peanut showered and put on pajamas and then we started wrapping the presents he was giving and a few others we had not gotten to yet.


He likes wrapping because he can cut the paper with the scissors and stick tape on things, but he really likes wrapping presents when it is just before bed time and the long he wraps the longer he gets to stay up. So we let him stay up a little late and try to do as much of the wrapping as he could.


He brushed his teeth and went to bed and I told him a story of Indiana Jones and the golden skeleton which was some sort of combination of all the Indiana Jones movies I could remember rolled into one 2 minute story.

Then I got back to work wrapping and Heath cut pictures up and put them in frames. Eventually I gave up and pushed the new pile into the old pile under the tree.


Meanwhile, Pumpkin sat in her blue chair till her back got tired of sitting, then she laid on her play-mat and kicked the monkey till he was good and dead then she was pretty pooped so just relaxed in the chair watching mom cut pictures and dad wrap presents.

She promised to not to tell what was in any of them.

I didn’t get through all the presents but I did get sick of wrapping and call it a night. Then Heath showered and Pumpkin showered and I got the fire ready for the night and we all climbed in our beds and went to sleep.

I hope all of you will be off tomorrow and enjoying Christmas because there will not be a post to come to work and read. But I’ll be in almost all of next week.



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