A Ton of Stuff from Xmas Break

Too many Christmas pictures below so check out Pumpkin’s smile up here.

I’ll start out with a brief time line of events then jump into the details. Thursday Peanut and I worked then came home. KK and Chiaki joined us. We all got ready and went to xmas eve at my aunt and uncles then came home and went to bed. Christmas morning we got up ate a quick breakfast then did presents at our house. We played with them a bit then headed to my moms for breakfast lunch and more presents then we played there a bit and headed home. Once home we played with new stuff and went sledding. Then we ate lasagna and played wii all night. Saturday both Christmases we had planned were snowed out so we just played with presents ate Mexican and went sledding more. At night more wii and then movies. Sunday KK and Chiaki left and we cleaned up and played more and moved wood and went sledding and shoveled the driveway then Heath’s mom and brothers and sisters all came over for more Mexican, presents and playtime. They stayed till bedtime.

I’m not going chronological today. I’m starting with Christmas things.

Here is our enchilada and taco soup meal with Heath’s family last night. We drank wine.


Before eating we opened presents by the tree.


Peanut got a huge gaming chair that vibrates and makes noises when he plays wii.


He had a good time passing out the gifts he got and helping unwrap them.


Pumpkin kept an eye on everyone opening stuff when she was not staring at her feet.


Christmas afternoon we gathered at my moms house. We started off with a huge pan of breakfast nachos, pineapple, and mugs of coffee or hot coco with Irish cream and peppermint schnapps.


There was way too many presents but this was a good problem to have.


My biggest hobby these days is cooking and everyone knows it so I got lots of great cooking gear.


Matt handed out the presents for us and was excited to get some warm stuff for himself.


Peanut got the biggest present ever. It turned out to be packed with lots of little presents but the box was impressive.


Pop’s sent his gifts to mom’s house so I recorded a few of them.

Christmas eve we got all dressed up


(that’s right matching ties) IMG_4999

and headed to my uncle Dan’s to celebrate and talk about all the snow.  IMG_5015

Pumpkin was the star and got passed around and around.  IMG_5000

We had some Japanese beer while here.

Christmas morning we started the day with a quick breakfast of donuts, fruit, coffee and mimosas.


Then we woke up Pumpkin

Then we opened our stockings.


and started opening presents.  IMG_5031

Everyone got really fun stuff.


We opened all the presents.


And the room was left a giant mess as we quickly played with all our stuff.


When not celebrating Christmas we bundled up and headed outside because it was snowing like crazy.


Both times we headed outside the neighbors were eager to join in and enjoy the weather.


The snow was not great for packing to make snow men or balls or forts but it worked good for sledding.


and making snow angles.


Most of the pictures and videos were not great from playing in the snow but here are a few that are pretty good. Here is Peanut sledding down.

and here is Peanut going a little farther

Here is Heath standing on the sled

And here is Peanut copying her

We did a lot of playing in the snow this weekend and we got so much that I think we will be playing in it for the next week. Especially on New Years Eve.

We did just play at home too.

Some of the fun was had just goofing off

and sometimes we used new toys.

Peanut got a science kit from my brother and made a toy car.

and of course we ate a ton. Here are a few of the things. A pork loin in the crock pot rubbed with taco seasoning and topped with green peppers and onions.

We used the pork from that to make burritos for 2 meals that were almost as big as a plate.

and then used the leftovers to make enchiladas.

We had breakfast nachos with eggs, ham, sausage bacon and veggies melted onto tortilla chips with tons of cheese.

We tried out my new bacon cooker.

and for dessert a chocolate peppermint ice cream pie.

and an apple cinnamon cobbler.

Ok there are lots of great Christmas pictures that I didn’t get to put up. Check them out here http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Holidays/Xmas09/10337250_wbJeg#748704983_DBSp4

and there are lots of sledding pictures  up here http://prewitt.smugmug.com/Other/Snow-Fun-Xmas-break-09/10780052_Fs3Xs#751458941_54Qaw

And you can find these and more up at here http://prewitt.smugmug.com/


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  1. thePrewitt says:

    I know I posted a bunch of videos today but I’d encourage you to check out one more of my sister Carri Mary Magdalene and the other sisters celebrating Christmas in the monastery.

  2. TCB says:

    Thank you Prewitts,we had great time with you guys,especially with Peanut. Have a good new year.

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