Happy New Year

And Merry Christmas too, if you missed that one.

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Yesterday morning Peanut said goodbye to his sister and us and headed to his dads house.

I worked all day yesterday but I did come home for lunch. As I was getting ready to drive back to work I discovered a garbage truck on the edge of my driveway spinning his tires.

I watched him spin for a minute then he gave up and Heath and I wondered over and tried to talk him into letting us help him out. Sure we could not pull him out but we could shovel the snow around the tires to give him a start.  He did not want to try he told us how he was leaving the neighborhood and saw another company garbage truck stuck blocking the street so he came this way and then discovered a car parked in the middle of the street so he tried to turn around and got stuck.

So I worked the rest of the day and he called someone to get him out. When I got home I strapped Pumpkin to the front of me and started getting the house ready for New Years. I put fresh sheets on the beds and started cleaning up the kitchen and putting things away in the family room.

When Heath finished working, she took Pumpkin over and I met up with Stephen outside. We shoveled a bit of the path between our houses and sculpted the pile I had shoveled earlier into a sweet sledding launch pad.

We stood around admiring our work and had a beer and decided it was missing something. So we dug out some old Christmas lights and strung them around to give a little more lighting to the outside area

So you all should come by tonight and celebrate the new year with drinks, food, good company, fire and a great sledding setup.

Then I headed in and Heath and I got Pumpkin ready for dinner.

We stuck her in the car seat and headed to Lee Summit to find the Outback Steakhouse. When we refinanced our house the agent gave us a gift card there and it expired 1/1/10 so this was our last chance to use it. We got an Outback Original Steak and a Bloomin Onion Burger and split everything. The steak was nice and tender but the burger was kinda boring. Pumpkin fell asleep on the way over and slept thought most of dinner but got up and the end and looked around for a while. Then we headed home. On our way we discovered gas had gone from $2.30 two days ago to $2.42 yesterday morning to $2.52 last night. So we drove to another station and found gas still at $2.42 and we topped both cars before they upped the prices. While out and about we decided to head to ace to look for good deals on leftover xmas stuff. We didn’t find any Christmas stuff we needed but they did have sleds. The plastic toboggan sleds just like the one I have that is great were $38 and I was not prepared to spend that much so we got a $6 plastic dish to try out.

Once home for good I was beat so we started building up the fire and getting ready for bed. Pumpkin has been sleeping in our room but last night we tried out her room. We moved the monitor and rocking chair and heater into her room and got her all set up.

Pumpkin was not a big fan but Heath stuck with it. I’m not sure how many times she got up to calm Pumpkin down feed her and put her back to bed.

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