Getting Caught Up

Happy New Year


And Happy 3 Months to Pumpkin.

Ok Since I have not posted since last Thursday there is lots to catch up on but I’m just going to hit the highlights.

First we had a really fun New Years Eve. Derrick came over pretty early and we did some work on his computer then Bobbie joined us and we had some homemade pizza that was not very good. It was one of those meals I made over 3 months ago and froze to eat after Pumpkin was around. Anyway we ate it and had a few drinks then headed outside to join the crowd beginning to form at Stephen and Beckys.  IMG_5328

There were people upstairs and downstairs and outside. I started out by the fire outside for a while then as more people showed up we moved to the sledding hill.

The little starting ramp was slick and steep and got you off to a quick start. All the sleds worked alright, some better then others and some offered more control. While sledding Pumpkin slept in her swing in front of the baby monitor and I had one receiver outside and Heath had one inside. After sledding for a while Pumpkin woke up and needed changed and fed and played with. I took the first shift then Heath came and joined me.

A while before the count down we headed next door to join the big crowd in counting down the new year and cheersing.


I did some snacking and talking and baby showing offing then took Pumpkin home. It was not long before she fell asleep again and I came back. It was getting colder but the fire was going really good and a few people had not gone sledding the first time and a few of us that had wanted to go some more.


We hung out by the launch ramp and took turns sledding and trying to drink our beers before they froze.


It was really cold and dark so not many of the sledding pictures turned out good but we had 2 big ramps that people really flew over and luckily we all missed the man hole cover in the yard.

When Pumpkin woke up I quit sledding and helped Heath feed her and get ready for bed. Everyone came in shortly after us and crashed all over the house. In the morning I cooked up a bunch of potatoes and gravy then sent everyone out.

Saturday Jon and I got up early, loaded up our trucks and drove to Cowgill, MO for a craigslist firewood ad. It was really cold and there was several inches of snow on the ground but  there was also several big piles of wood.


A guy with a bulldozer had pushed over some big piles of trees. A few people had already come and taken the easy stuff so we spent the day crawling through the piles finding logs of decent size cutting them free and hauling them out.

The ground was pretty slick so Jon left his truck in the driveway and we took mine down to the piles. We cut and hauled for about 4 hours and filled my bed then took it up the hill and moved it to Jons truck then reloaded.


Durring one of these loads I slightly tapped the corner of my rear windshield with a log and I heard a pop. The glass immediately cracked into a thousand little pieces but it held it’s place and no glass fell out. We continued to work and when we were real quiet you could hear the glass cracking. Once our trucks were packed to the max we headed home. I followed Jon and he was so full I could see his mud flaps dragging on the ground. Every time I hit a bump on the highway a small piece of glass would fall behind me. Once home we unloaded all the wood and started cutting it up and splitting it.


We cut till dark and then I pulled the truck into the garage.

Today I gotta find someone to replace the glass for me. Most of the wood we cut was locust with all the thorns on it.

We had both stuck ourselves a few times but Jon took a deep one in the palm at one point and by the end of the day it was really sore and his hand and finger was swelling. We assumed some thorn was left in his hand and tried to get it out but could not find anything. It got worse and Jon eventually went to an Urgent Care Center and they sent him to the ER. I guess the locust has some poison on it that got to his nerve and started irritating the tendons in his hand. They gave him a removable cast and told him not to move it.

Thats about it for the weekend. Yesterday my cousin was going to come babysit Pumpkin but she got sick so I stayed home and took care of her.

We were super productive and got the house cleaned and vacuumed and dinner stuff going and the kitchen and dishes all done and we did some draft finding and sealing and some shower sealing and all sorts of productive things. We even did all the laundry then brought it up and folded it on our bed. All this work wore out Pumpkin and while I was folding the laundry she fell asleep.

She slept till Heath got home then ate. Then Heath’s mom, Grandma and brother came over and we went to Waldo Pizza for dinner.

Heath and her mom got some fancy raspberry beer that they really liked. Pumpkin was a little fussy so I held her while I ate and sure enough she fell asleep during dinner.

After dinner we looked at pictures and videos of Pumpkin and Peanut and then everyone went home and we went to bed.


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  1. The Mrs. says:

    I have a great glass guy that give a cash discount if anyone is having vehicle window problems.  He is mobil, so will come to you too!

  2. Ding says:

    I hate locust trees I have 8 of them in my yard and cut those thorns off two or three times a year.

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