Anyone Remember Dreaming of a White Christmas


So if you are not in Kansas City we have been getting snow after snow after snow since Christmas eve and the temperatures have been too low for much to melt. Last night was another several inches and I meant to take some pictures around my house but forgot.

Luckily I got my rear windshield replaced in the truck and after work I got to put it to use. Stephen had slid a little bit into the ditch on the hill a block or so from our houses. We loaded up chains, ramps and a bunch of logs for weight then headed down to pull him out. Again I really should have taken pictures but in all the excitement I forgot. The ditch dropped off the road about 3 feet and he was just on the edge of it. If we did things right he would slide right onto the road and if we messed up his car would be sideways.

Lucky for us everything went great. We hooked up a chain gave the signal and I gently rolled the truck down the hill and Stephen slid right out. He continued to slide sideways a ways but stopped and we got all unhooked and both vehicles home safe.

Once home I got busy on making dinner and Pumpkin got busy eating hers. I mixed up some snowed in drinks for Heath and I.

Something about all the snow had me in a hot curry mood. I got some wheat noodles boiling in one pan and in another I tossed sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, peas, zucchini, carrots, onion, green peppers, and some kielbasa sausage, pork tenderloin and ham.

I also added the curry and some water. Then we ate the pork/veggy curry stuff on top of the noodles. It was really good and had just the right kick for Heath and after a dash of siracha was perfect for me.

Heath had been working a bit for the last two nights on taking down Christmas decorations and last night I got after the tree and lights. We got several tubs and boxes of things put away back in the basement.


At some point we got drawn into some Cops on tv and some other shows but Pumpkin made a stinky diaper and we had to address it.

She is not a frequent pooper so when she does she fills the diaper and if you don’t catch it quick she will also fill her onesie. We took her to the bathroom and tossed the diaper in the toilet and gave her a quick rinse with the shower head. Then stuck her baby tub perpendicular in the real tub.

She was not in a great mood but not bad and we got her all baby soaped up and cleaned off and lotion-ed up and everything.

She put on new pajamas and snuggled in for the night.

We tried again putting her in her own crib last night and laid her down just before we went to bed she seemed tired before we laid her down but then she got angry and screamed till Heath went in and fed and rocked her. Then she laid Pumpkin back down and she screamed for a while. Then I went in and changed her and tried to rock her but she got pissed at me so we walked around the house. We stood by the back door watching the wind blow snow all over and swaying then would go look out the front. Usually walking and swaying puts her to sleep but she knew that I would put her back in the crib so she fought sleep. After 30 minutes or so my arms got tired and I decided I was not getting anywhere and laid her back in the crib.

Heath and I turned off our lights and tv and listened to her cry for about 30 minutes. Then she went to sleep and so did we. Heath got up at some point and fed her, I am guessing at like 4 and then at 5:30ish Heath had me go get Pumpkin and bring her into our bed. She claimed Pumpkin was probably cold but Pumpkin had a heater and a big fluffy fleece pajama thing so I think Heath just missed her in bed.

A little while after I got back to sleep I started getting text messages from the university saying we were not needed at work till 10am so I turned off my alarm and slept in. We had no trouble getting in today but there is a lot of snow.



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