Still Hiding from the Snow and Cold

Here are a few random snow shots from around the house. Our roof

the sledding launch ramp has grown a few inches and I drove the van the other day but it is again covered.

We didn’t really have anything to do when I got home from work. We have been snowed in and hanging around the house all week and there seems to be no end in sight. Now the front door is frozen shut and this morning the cold tap on the kitchen sink froze.  We decided not to sit on the couch by the tv after dinner. So I got started on dinner. I found a little packet of beef vegetable soup and tossed it in a pot with 8 cups of water then I added a bunch of wheat macaroni noodles, a sweet potato, onions, green peppers, carrots, corn, black beans, zucchini, turkey meatballs and mushrooms and let it all cook. Heath and I ate several big bowls and it was a little bland so we added a dash of siracha and it was great. I had this big tub of it leftover.

Then I decided to work on a little project I sort of started several weeks ago. Last time we were at restore they had a bathroom sink with a faucet in it for $5. The sink was nothing exciting (and is under my sledding pile now) but I liked the faucet a lot so we picked it up.

I don’t like this faucet.

It’s in Peanuts bathroom and he is not strong enough to pull it out all the way so water will come out and we always have to help him. Also its hard to push in far enough and I often find it dripping water after we have had company.

So I climbed under the sink and started disconnecting things and turning off the water and trying to reach little nuts behind the sink.

A short time later out came the old faucet in a pile of misery.

Then I climbed back under there and started to connect to restore faucet. It was pretty close to the same size and shape and was really easy to get in and tightened down. However I had some trouble getting the water hoses to reach. The old faucet had longer lines running out of it then the new ones. I got one to fit but the other was not happening. So i took off to ace for a $5 hose and replaced the short one. Then I turned back on the water and bam Peanut’s bathroom has a new faucet.

The cold and hot are now on the correct sides and the handle is really easy to use and gives a nice flow of water. It could handle a little cleaning up but otherwise I am really pleased.

While I was playing plumber Heath was downstairs wii boxing or actually golds gym cardio challenging.

She was getting in a good work out while Pumpkin was watching. I guess watching some box the air is not very exciting because it did not take long for Pumpkin to sleep.

Heath worked out for however long she was supposed to and even did whatever the girl equivalent of sweating is. As she was finishing up Pumpkin woke up and Stephen and Becky came over. Pumpkin had her second stinky diaper in 2 days and I got her changed and cleaned up. Becky did some boxing while Stephen and I shot pool then we all played mario for a while and watched some college football and had some snacks and some drinks and eventually we got out Peanut’s big buck hunter and shot some stuff. Becky had today off, Heath was working from home and Stephen and I didn’t have to come in till 10 so we stayed up late playing. This gave us a chance to put Pumpkin to bed in her crib early and get herself to sleep.

It was still a rough night for her and Heath but I think we are making progress on transitioning Pumpkin to her crib.


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