First Day of Day Care

This morning Pumpkin got up early like us and got ready for daycare.

We had a pretty busy morning today. Heath and I had to get to work, Peanut had to get to preschool and Pumpkin had to go to daycare to meet her 2 new friends and the sitter. Besides getting everyone fed, cleaned, dressed, caffinated and packed to go I discovered a broken water pipe.

Heath did a good job of getting lots of things ready last night but I still got up early and built up the fire after the long night and as I was bringing in wood I noticed ice on the floor in the hallway by the back door.

Our kitchen sink above there had no cold water and it looked like the unheated halway had gotten too cold. I got myself and the kids all ready for their days then headed back downstairs and poped off the panel above the ice and cut away the insulation to find the leak. Luckily it broke in a really good spot and will just drip into a plastic tub I put in the hallway. I still turned off the water before leaving today. So tonight I’ll try to replace a bit of copper pipe. I’ve helped Ben do it once and I plan to read up on it a bunch before I get started so wish me luck.

So Friday it was crazy cold out still and we mostly stuck around the house. I got this picture of the campus police cars on my way out of work.  IMG_5445 I I did drive to target in search of heated blankets but they were out and I was not motivated to drive around to another store.  Heath and Peanut made some cookies.

and then read some books to Pumpkin.

Once the kids were in bed our neighbor called saying their friend was stuck in the ditch across the street so I got to go over with my truck and a chain and pull them out. It was a tough spot inches from a fire hydrant and his Jeep didn’t really have good spots to pull from but we got him back on the road pretty quick. Then Heath and I played some Super Mario 3 and listened to Pumpkin cry in her crib through the baby monitor. We got her to sleep eventually then we went to bed. In the morning Peanut and I played a bunch of Mario Cart then ate a small breakfast, got dressed and headed to my Grandpa’s 86th Birthday Pizza Lunch.


We got together with a bunch of the uncles aunts and cousins and ate some Waldo pizza.


And dessert and we talked and watched some basketball.


After lunch we headed to Walmart for some stuff for Pumpkin and batteries and random things then headed home. Heath and Pumpkin took a nap and Peanut and I played more wii for a while then I cooked us some dinner. While eating Bobbie came over to hang out while Derrick played poker next door. After dinner Peanut went to bed and Jon and Amanda came by. We all headed to the basement for a bunch of Wii and Big Buck Hunter games. We played pretty late and then Derick came by to take Bobbie home. He got stuck in a snow drift in the driveway and I helped push him out then went to bed.

In the morning Peanut and I played Mario Cart until everyone got up then I cooked a big breakfast of strawberry blueberry pancakes, sausage and a mix of eggs with a bunch of sweet potatoes and veggies. After breakfast we cleaned up for a while then got started on Peanuts room.
Remodeling his room is our next project and right now it consists of removing all the wallpaper and floor trim, then painting something fun (batman, transformers, star wars, stripes, or something else) on the walls and replacing the floor trim and adding crown molding. The first step was cleaning his room and moving all the furniture to the middle.  IMG_5472

This gave us room to get to the wall of wallpaper and the border along the top.


Heath worked on cleaning up Pumpkin’s room while we did this then we started pulling up floor trim.  IMG_5481

Once we had all the trim up I took a break and Heath took over starting to remove the wallpaper. I got our old queen bed in Pumpkin’s room taken apart and posted on craigslist. If anyone wants a good queen bed let me know. While Heath and Pumpkin worked on wallpaper and keeping Pumpkin happy Peanut and I headed outside. He wanted to sled and we were out of firewood in the backyard.

I needed to move a cord of wood to the backyard but my wheelbarrow tire was flat. I went to air it up and my compressor in the garage was frozen and would not run. So was going to move all the wood out of the back of my truck and then use it but I was a little worried about getting stuck in the backyard and then realized my sledding launch ramp was right in the way and I would not be able to get around it anyway. So the best thing I could come up with was a sled piled with wood.

Unfortunately all my loads were not this big and the ones that were usually spilled on the way. I think it took a million loads to move all the wood but it could have been 2 million or maybe just a dozen. All I know is it took a long time and by the end was not really fun. Peanut had fun exploring the yard, sledding, swinging in the tire swing and dropping snowballs on my head from the deck. Eventually he went in and I got this whole stack filled.

Lately I have been going though about this much wood every 2 weeks or so. I only have a little more wood out front so we may run out before spring however we will not be home during the day as much anymore to add wood and it probably won’t be as cold as it just was. Last month our gas bill was about $70 and before we had the wood stove our gas bill was about $300 in the winter so it is making a difference.

Once my cord was stacked I came inside and got leftovers for dinner ready then we ate and took baths. We were all pretty tired and watched a bit of TV and read to ourselves some and went to bed pretty early. Pumpkin was not completely on board with this plan though she was tired. After Heath fed her and put her in the crib she cried for about 30 minutes then I rocked her to sleep. Once I laid her in bed she woke and cried for a few minutes then slept good.


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2 Responses to First Day of Day Care

  1. The Mrs. says:

    Anyone know of a quick easy way to remove wall paper from walls?  I know Geoff recently had a go at it.  Any tips you can share to ease the pain???

  2. Ge-off says:

    i bought this little scoring tool to poke holes in the paper, then I sprayed it with some stuff I bought at home depot, then i realized i can just use water and soap mixed and it worked fine.  I also read where a mix of water and vinegar works good.  I tried that and it worked great but smelled terrible.  Best of luck, that was one of the worst things I have done in a long time, and I still need to get behind the toilet.

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