In the MO Capital Building

Me in the background while 2 representatives, a senator and the host discuss politics on the air.


So yesterday was an early morning and then a long car ride but then the excitement started. We walked into the capitol and wondered around and found the room we would broadcast from with out any sort of security at all. Then we quickly set up all our equipment.


I helped out on this table above but most of my expertise lay on this table below.


So from left to right we have, headphones, then the main guts of our remote broadcasts, that box takes inputs from all our mics and sends them back to the station via phone line, internet cable, or Sprint 3G wireless. Yesterday we were sending over the internet at 64bps (good quality) with a phone line as a backup. Then we have a clock synced exactly to the clocks at the station, then a laptop that the producer uses to give messages to the host and uses to see what callers are calling in and put them on the air. It’s hard to see but then there is an Ethernet switch to get everything online and a second laptop used to chat over gtalk back to the station with the person taking the phone calls and the announcer running the control board.

Yesterday went perfectly and we had no problems and lots of compliments on how good it sounded. After the show we packed it all up, ate some gyros and headed home. We got to the station a little late and so I just checked up on a few things then headed home.

I put the final touches on the ceiling grate where my burst pipe once was first thing.

See the cord sticking out? When it gets super cold next time, I’ll plug that in and my pipes will not freeze. I think after this we ate dinner. I found a tub of frozen Mexican food that we heated up and made taco salad out of.

We were sure we heard and smelled a #2 from Pumpkin during dinner so took her to the changing table for a change but she was just gassy and wet.   While there we opened her first dolly and tried to get her to hug it but she just tried to suck/gum it.

Then we headed to Peanuts room. I got started on the square hole in the wall that was once a speaker. I had glued in this patch the day before and it had dried.


So I got out the mud, tape and blade thing and patched up the hole.


Heath got a wet sponge and worked it around the walls where the wallpaper was to clean up any glue residue.


Then Pumpkin got hungry so Heath fed her and I used the drywall mud to fill in any holes or scrapes I could find. Then I got out the primer and put a coat up on 1/2 the room avoiding areas that had drywall mud.

 IMG_5640 IMG_5641

Once the primer was up I joined Heath and Pumpkin on the couch for a bit of ice cream and bananas and some TV till bedtime.


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