Fun Weekend Stuff

Still not a fan of tummy time, but getting better.

After work I put new license plates on my truck after one of my old ones was stolen and this time I used fancy screws and a cover thing and made it much harder to steal. Then Stephen Peanut and I tested the water in our fish tank for all sorts of things.

Then Stephen headed home and I cooked up some tacos and we had dinner.

After dinner we hung out until Peanut’s bedtime, then he, Pumpkin and Heath all went to bed. I headed over to Stooks house and hung out there for a while mostly playing Super Mario Wii.

Saturday morning Peanut and I got up first and put on our painting clothes and painted primer up on the second half of his room.


While he was painting I put the last coat of mud on my patches and smoothed it out then helped out getting all his room a primer white.


While painting Heath and Pumpkin woke up and when we finished we all had cereal for breakfast then got dressed and headed out for errands. First we went to Home Depot and picked out a bunch of colors that we liked for Peanut’s new room color. Then we headed to the restore and picked out new crown molding and floor trim. We looked for paint and other things but didn’t find anything just right. Then we headed to Aldi for a couple of groceries that turned into a pretty full cart. Then Peanut Pumpkin and I went home to unload groceries and Heath headed to Home Depot to get the paint we decided on.

Once home we got started on dinner. I tossed a giant ham in the crock pot and made some garlic cheese green bean stuff and cut up a cantaloupe. Heath made twice baked potatoes.

KK and Chiaki came over and helped play with the kids while we got the rest of dinner stuff ready.

Then Jon and Amanda came over and we ate dinner.

After dinner we played some games and screwed around till Peanut went to bed. The rest of us hung out for a while then Jon and Amanda headed home to bed and the rest of us headed downstairs and watched some movies and stayed up late.

In the morning Peanut got me up early and everyone else was asleep so we got painting clothes on and tried out the new paint.


We are painting the walls a light blue/gray color and the floor trim and crown a dark blue. We painted and painted working our way from wall to wall.


Then Heath got up and had Peanut change and they headed to work. KK got up and we finished getting the first coat of blue paint up. Then we headed to the garage and started laying out trim and then getting some primer down on it.


When it was about time for Heath and Peanut to get home Pumpkin woke up and started fussing so KK and I packed up paint stuff and headed inside to play with Pumpkin and start making breakfast. We had leftover twice backed potatoes and some cantaloupe and a big pan of ham and eggs with cheese.

After a breakfast that we ate close to lunch time. Peanut Heath and Chiaki got there stuff together and headed to a birthday party at the great mall for one of Peanut’s friends. While they were gone KK and I took down the rest of the Christmas lights on the house and then set up the court in our driveway for the soccer juggling/tennis game we call Pumpkin ball.

Jon and Stephen came over and the 4 of us played for nearly 2 hours. After the games we headed inside to watch some football. At halftime of the Jets/Colts game the partyers returned and brought some hamburger so we put a few things together and tossed burgers on the grill with some leftovers from the night before.

We made up a salad and once everything was ready we loaded up our plates and ate around the coffee table watching the rest of the football game.

After the 1st game everyone headed home and Peanut and I got busy painting the 2nd coat.


While we were painting Heath got Pumpkin fed and tried to put her to sleep. Then she got her paint clothes on and took over for me.


I had planned to paint trim in the garage but Pumpkin was not ready to go to sleep and instead wanted to play.

It was too cold in the garage and babies don’t like paint fumes so we had to find something else to do so we headed downstairs. Our fish tank was in pretty good shape but Stephen recommended draining some of the water and filling it up with fresh water. So Pumpkin played on the pool table while I drained about 20 gallons from the fish tank into the bar sink.

Once it was drained I hooked up the hose to the sink and turned on the water.

I filled the tank back up to the top and added the stuff to take out the chlorine.

It was not long after I got done that Heath and Peanut finished painting. Once done Peanut hopped in the tub to play and get clean and Heath and I started watching the Vikings/Saints game. He stayed in the tub till nearly bed time then got out, ate dessert and got ready for bed. Heath Pumpkin and I watched the rest of the game then headed to bed ourselves.


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