The Rest of Our Day

Much of my night was at Jon and Amanda’s and you can hear all about it in the post below this one on the homepage. But here is the rest. I had a bit of a busy day planned at work yesterday including heading to Jon and Amanda’s to meet the baby but a minor emergency at our transmitter site pulled me out of the office. That thing above was the culprit. It is part of a part called a harmonic filter. and you can see the brass/copper is nice and polished on the close section and then black and melted on the far section.

I didn’t really know anything about what was wrong when we headed out there other then our main transmitter was not working. The first job was to climb on ladders and start unbolting a huge tube thing that was the harmonic filter.

There were all sorts of clamps and colts and loops to negotiate this thing out of. It’s about 7 feet long 8 inches thick and weighs 65lbs. We got it down and opened it out and found the burnt up stuff.

The rest of the day we spent trying to order parts to replace it and trying to figure out what else had gotten messed up and how we would fix it.

Turns out we will be headed back out there at midnight tomorrow to take the station off the air and replace what we can and try to fix anything else that may have had problems.

So this took up most of my day and when I got back it was almost time to head home. Once home I grabbed some cigars for Jon, Pumpkin’s chair and then picked her up and headed to my moms. Mom, my brother Matt, his girlfriend Courtney, Heath and Peanut were already there getting lasagna, salad, pineapple, and bread ready. My sister Kelly showed up after me and then mom’s boy friend Mike. We all sat down and had a great meal and some tasty wine.

I don’t remember what the wine was called but I do know it was supposed to be served at 62-64 degrees. To help you figure out how cool that is the label changes color when it hits the right temperature.

After dinner Mom and Peanut snuck into the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the dessert and Peanut was armed with a can of whip cream.  

Mom cut each person a slice and Peanut made sure it had plenty of the topping.

He thought this was pretty cool and the cake turned out really good.

After dinner we hurried out because we were excited to meet the new baby.

After meeting the baby we headed home and got Peanut cleaned up and in bed. Then Stephen came over and did some more testing on our fish tank water. We are in really good shape now and ready to get some new fish.

After he left I considered putting a coat of paint on the trim but Heath wanted to watch house so I joined her. We got a few minutes in and decided to put Pumpkin to bed. We got her ready and Heath got a phone call and before we knew it, it was late and I was ready for bed. So we moved to the bedroom instead of finishing the show.


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