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In the picture above from the far edge of the wood rack on the left to the close edge of the wood rack on the right is about 16 feet. I have stacked wood in these racks and between them about 4 feet high 4 times this winter and this should be about 4 cords of wood. It’s the end of January and this wood above is the last of my seasoned and split firewood.  Actually there is a small pile up front of wood that was too long to burn downstairs and there are a few rounds that still need split but otherwise this is it. I’m guessing we have about a week left before we resort to natural gas for all our heating needs.

So as you may guess last night right after work I got the wheelbarrow aired up and moved wood from the front to the back. There was not much left and this did not take long. Then I headed in and mixed up some pancake batter and microwaved some bacon and cut up a pile of onions, green peppers, sweet peppers, zucchini and mushrooms. I also mixed up a bunch of eggs and got them frying. Heath, Peanut and Pumpkin came home and got Pumpkin fed. I asked Peanut what kind of pancakes he wanted and at first he said blueberry but after I ran through all the ideas I had he changed his mind to peanut butter banana. So I melted about 1/2 a cup of peanut butter and then mixed it into my batter and I cut up a banana into tiny bites and mixed it in. Peanut set the table and got all the condiments ready and we sat down to eat. 

Peanut and Heath had chocolate milk and I had a Guinness and we all chowed down on our Brinner. Breakfast food is the dinner that Peanut eats the best so we didn’t need to wait for him to finish after we were done.

Instead we all got bundled up and loaded in the truck and headed to the pet store. We really miss the Waldo pet store but there are several other good ones in the area. This time we headed to blue ridge. Our tank was in good shape water quality wise and empty other then two sucker fish so we were ready to start over. This time we decided to go with aggressive fish again and looked through all of them. Heath fell in love with a cichlid called a green terror.

It was only about an inch and a half but should grow quickly and can get over 8 inches. It has a lot of nice color on it. It was $8 but pretty tough and really interesting to watch.

Next we went for the bargain deal. They had another kind of cichlid called convicts on sale for $5 each or 4 for $10. I really wanted to get 1 or two of several different fish but could not pas up this deal and got 4 of these guys.

They have a much different shape then the green terror and were much bigger then him now measuring about 3 inches but they will max at at 4 or so and he will soon be the boss of his 4 friends.

So we got the 5 fish and a bit more food and headed home. We had planned to go to a few pet stores and pick out our fish but after 10 minutes our fish shopping was done. Pumpkin had fallen asleep in the carseat on the way to the store and continued to sleep. Peanut hopped in the tub and Heath and I got the bags of fish and stuck them in the tank to get adjusted to the temperature.

While they were adjusting we decided to pull out a bunch of the rock and plastic plants and try to make better caves and hiding spots for the fish. This tossed up a bunch of yucks into the water and made it cloudy so we decided to clean out the filter to help clean things up and in doing this the water got even more cloudy. Before we knew it you could not see into the tank at all.

Heath left for rubber stamp club and I encouraged Peanut to stop playing boats in the tub and wash his hair. Then I let the fish loose in the tank. Then I encouraged Peanut to get clean again and started folding some laundry. He finally finished his bath and got his teeth brushed and pajamas on in our room as I was folding laundry. He headed to bed and I told him a really boring story about the life of a cow. Then I finished the laundry and checked on Pumpkin. She was still snoozing so I put on paint clothes and snuck into the garage with a baby monitor and put down the last coat of paint on the trim.


Near the end of the paint job Stephen came by to hang out. I finished up then we built up the fire and headed downstairs to check on the fish.  The water was still cloudy but getting better and the fish all seemed to be doing better. They got kinda pail in the plastic sacks but their color had all come back really well.

We hung out in the basement and had a few drinks and listnened for noises of Pumpkin on the baby monitor. Heath got home from her meeting and joined us to watch the fish get used to the tank and decide who would claim what territory.

Heath got Pumpkin up and she was in a good mood from her long nap and hungry. We all ended up staying up pretty late hanging out. Then I built up the fire and headed to bed.

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