Closer on Peanuts Room


Friday I left work a little after noon and headed home for lunch and a nap. I didn’t really feel tired but after a full belly and an episode of Cops I fell asleep. At 3:30 I got a call from the station and helped them out then tried to go back to sleep but never really got asleep. Heath and Pumpkin joined me and we had a lazy Friday night.

We spent most of the night in front of the tv catching up on all the recordings on our DVR. For dinner we made a spinach chicken bean dip stuff that we snacked on while watching. Just after 11pm Superbad ended and I left. I headed out to the KCUR transmitter for repairs.

It was pretty cold out and had been snowing off and on all day/night and the roads were pretty slick when I left and I got squirly on the highway a few times but was only a few minutes late to the building.

Just after midnight we took the station off the air for a few hours so we could work on the broken stuff. There were lots and lots of bolts to unbolt and rebolt and some copper pipe to saw and big connections to make and clamps and pipes to move around. Everything went pretty smoothly and surprisingly fit together fairly easy.

We turned on the main transmitter and we were back on the air. I got home a little while after 3am and had a sandwich and watched an episode of cops then went to bed.

In the morning we slept in then I made up some eggs potatoes and veggies. After breakfast we got busy hanging Peanut’s crown molding.


We started out with me measuring and cutting a few pieces while Heath entertained Pumpkin then Pumpkin would swing while Heath helped me nail up the pieces. Then Pumpkin fell asleep and we both just nailed up piece after piece.  IMG_5770

Once we made it all the way around the room I went around with the hammer and punch and felt for any nails that were sticking out slightly and tapped them in farther.


Heath followed me with a tiny paint brush and the dark blue paint and covered up any imperfections in our job. Once that dried we inspected and the crown looked good.


all the way around the room.


Here is a before shot of that corner


So we got started on the floor. The new floor trim looked great but was not as thick as the old trim and the carpet stopped before the trim started. We crawled around the room trying to make it work and eventually decided we needed another board to put behind the trim to make it come out farther. So we took a break from the bedroom project for some errands.

First we headed to home depot for new outlet covers, 1x4s to put behind the trim and insulation behind the outlets. Then we headed to Aldi for a huge cart of groceries. Once home we unpacked everything, made a pie and then Heath worked on clothes in Pumpkin’s room and I worked on the new outlets and the insulation for them and Pumpkin did some hopping.

Heath stuck her in the Jump and Go with a blanket to make her git better and let her bounce. We need to lengthen the straps a bit but in the meantime Heath just stuck a pillow under Pumpkin.

I think she really liked it and want to try it some more. Once she got tired of bouncing I strapped her into the front pack and worked on laundry and picking up the house.

Pumpkin is growing like crazy and we are facing out 3 month clothes and bringing 6 month clothes up from the basement.

Then we all took showers and got cleaned up and Pumpkin and I ran to the liquor store then Stephen and Becky came over. We watched the 2nd half of the KU v K-State basketball game and the overtime then ate dinner. We had baked ziti, salad and bread with some wine.

Then we watched the new fish and played some wii and ate the pie and just horsed around till we were ready for bed.

Sometime between buying the new boards and Sunday morning I got 2 coats of paint on them and they were dry and ready to be installed. I got stuff set up a little bit Sunday morning but then it was time to eat some breakfast get cleaned up and head to the church for baptism class. Pumpkin will be getting baptized sometime late winter early spring and apparently before she can do that her parents need to watch a 25min video from 1980. We met with a nice guy and watched the video and got some paperwork and talked about how things would go.

Pumpkin fell asleep at the end and kept sleeping when we got home. So I took advantage and started cutting and installing the floor trim. Heath made us some macaroni and peas and tuna for lunch then she headed to her aunts and I got back to work on the trim.  IMG_5785

I started at the door and crawled around the room measuring then going to the garage to cut then nailing a piece in and repeat. Everything went really smoothly and I really liked the results.


The trim turned out really unique but looks like it belongs and I think it looks a lot better then the old stuff.


Once I was done I worked on laundry and got stuff for dinner ready and messed around the house until Pumpkin started to stir. I got her up and changed and then fed her a bottle while watching Unforgiven.

She downed it really well then burped so I warmed up another bottle and she took down that one too so I burped her and got another bottle warmed up. She ate 90% of this bottle then was done. We packed up our stuff and headed to my moms. Mom watched Pumpkin while I looked through her garage for a bunk bed. She helped me look a little and eventually we found it in the farthest corner possible behind what looked like the most stuff.

Luckily around this time Heath got done at her aunts. She had been starting to sew a baptism dress for Pumpkin. While mom played with Pumpkin Heath and I carefully dug our way to the bed and took it out piece by piece and loaded it up in my truck. Peanut has a bunk bed now and there is nothing wrong with it but this one is a little cooler and nicer so we decided to upgrade with the remodel.  IMG_5796

We took the bed home and were starving to started to make dinner right away. I had a couple chicken breasts marinating in oranges, onions, green peppers, and siracha from earlier and we got some rice cooking and added celery, garlic, zucchini, cabbage and mushrooms plus a bunch of spices and stuff.

We ate dinner on the couch and polished off everything and a blue moon. It was pretty tasty. Once the food was cleared I got out my tools and a nail gun and took the gun apart piece by piece. My medium sized gun has not been working since it fell off the deck and I have been using the small one for everything. This has not really been a problem but this new floor trim is squared at the top and I am sure Peanut will stand on it to reach things so some bigger nails to keep it in place may come in handy. Surprisingly I took the gun completely apart and added some oil and moved things around and was able to put it completely back together and found where all the parts went.

Then I hooked up the air and fired a few nails. I could hear air leaking out of the gun though so I tightened some screws and then it was good as new so I shot a couple extra nails in each wall for extra strength.We still need to tap in any nails that did not get in all the way and paint over them and the seems but then the trim will be done.

Then Heath and I got ready for bed and fed Pumpkin one last time and then stuck her in bed.


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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Pumpkin slept from about 9:30 PM last night and was still asleep at 6:40 when I went in there to get her up to eat.  I was really surprised, but felt well rested! I actually was a little worried, but she must have been a tired little lady just like her momma.

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