Happy 4 Months Isabella

We are pretty excited that Pumpkin is 4 months now

But I’m pretty nervous about her vaccines tomorrow.

Heath left work early yesterday with no chili ribbon. She picked up Pumpkin and a photographer came over to take some pictures of her. Then Pumpkin took a nap and Heath worked from home. When I got home she was working hard on dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I changed clothes and headed outside with my mauls and wedges. All the seasoned split wood had been moved to the back yard and most of it burned but there are a few logs that I never split because they were too twisted or gnarly. I got to work on them. Surprisingly I made some really good progress and got about 1/2 of them split up before it got dark out. Typically I would them once hard right in the middle with the 12lbs maul then I would put a metal wedge into the cut spot and hammer it into the wood until it split. Sometimes I would be able to split the rest from here but usually I would need to hammer the wedge in on a few more pieces until they were small enough to split with my normal 6lbs maul.

I got 2 full wheelbarrow loads split and hauled to the backyard and added to my little stack. Then I headed in sweaty, thirsty and hungry. We had a good amount of chili left so put it in some bowls with fritos and cheese. We watched house while we ate and for some reason I could not stop eating going through 3 bowls of the chili before my stomach started screaming that it would burst.

After House, Heath made me hop in the shower and then tossed a naked baby in with me. I got Pumpkin all cleaned up to then we all got dressed and headed to Heath’s great grandpa’s 93rd birthday party.

We hung out talking to relatives about how much Pumpkin looks like Heath, what scents of candles smell best, what runs were coming up and a bit about boat repair. Then grandpa blew out the candles (I did not count but doubt there were 93 :). I was still ready to burst so skipped the cake and ice cream. Just before 9 we headed out and were ready for bed. Pumpkin crashed on the way home so we let her keep sleeping and just put her car seat right by our room in the hall. I built up the fire then Heath and I fed the fish and watched them eat then we all went to bed.

Pumpkin woke up close to 3 ready to eat, get changed, put on pajamas and head to her own bed.

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