Time to Play

Pumpkin is 4 months now and besides growing into new clothes she is growing into new toys and containers.

When I got home I was planning to do some more splitting before dinner but a light rain/snow started to fall and the logs that are left are already hard enough to split without dealing with the maul getting slick. Heath and I were both pretty hungry so we started out on dinner.  I got busy cutting and sliced up nice little piles of some of our favorite veggies.
(our favorite one is in the bottom right corner)

Then I cut up 2 chicken breasts that had been marinating in Franks Wing Sauce and laid them out on a baking sheet and stuck them in the oven.

While they were cooking I got a pan of pinto beans going and another of minute brown rice.

While I was cutting and cooking Heath was working on the computer and Pumpkin was sitting in Peanuts old eating chair thing trying out some of her Christmas toys.

Here is her big brother in the same chair a few years ago.


She really got focused on her toys and mostly tried to knock them all off her chair but while bring down her fists of destruction she let out her fiercest battle cry.

Once the chicken was all cooked we broke out the flat bread stuff and made some wraps. They were quite good and both of us had 2 really stuffed wraps and finished off all the rice and beans with it. We watched some TV during dinner and Pumpkin came out to watch us eat. She was pretty worn out from the toy beating she gave and though her foot entertained her for a little while eventually she fell asleep.

After we were done eating and watching TV Heath and Pumpkin headed to Pumpkin’s room to go through toys and clothes sorting what fit now, what she has grown out of and what is still to big. I headed to the garage armed with some cloths and wood stuff.


I got all the bunk bed pieces set out in a well lit and somewhat ventilated area.  IMG_5832

This new bunk bed is home made (not by me) and is really nice but is also pretty old and kind of beat up. It was pretty dirty and dusty and had lots of scratches on it. Here is a close up: IMG_5828

I’m going to go ahead and spoil the ending and show you the after shot while the before is still fresh in your mind.


First I mixed a little Murphy’s in some water and then dipped in a cloth and wiped down everything with it. Then I dried that off and wiped everything with the restore stuff and quickly wiped it off with a dry cloth. As you saw above it did a great job cleaning up and taking out most of the scratch marks.

While the bed was drying or ventilating I took the compressor outside and aired up all the van and truck tires then brought any tools and materials left in Peanut’s room into the garage to get it ready for him to come home and the new bed to move in.

Then I checked in on the girls. Heath had put together some sort of baby master control station.

This is probably the most stimulating baby place imaginable. The bottom is shaped like a bowl and can rock in any direction, her seat swivels completely around and everything on the top makes noises and lights up and moves when she plays with it. It was pretty intense.

Later on we put Pumpkin in the jumpy chair but I think she was pretty worn down by this point.

So we got her changed, fed and asleep while watching some TV. Then Heath and I headed to the garage to put the bed together. There was really no point in putting it together but we wanted to see it and let Peanut see it put together before we took it apart and moved it into his room. We worked on it for a while and found it was more difficult to put together then I imagined and found the bolts I bought for it were a little too short.

We gave up and headed in to watch a bit more tv, build up the fire, tuck the fish in for the night and then go to bed.


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  1. The Mrs. says:

    Dinner was also low fat (on individual items) and full of fiber as well.  Here are the stats:

    Overall: 19g fiber, 690 cal, and 20.25g of fat.

    1/2 cup pinto beans 1g fat, 7g fiber 120 cal.

    2/3 c instant brown rice (cooked) 150 cal, 1g fat, 2g fiber

    1 flat breat wrap (fit & active brand) 90 cal, 2.5g fat, 9g fiber

    4oz ckn breast 110 cal, 2.5g fat, 0g fiber

    2pc bacon (fit & active brand) 80 cal, 6g fat, 0g fiber

    random cut up veggies (I guessed on these) 70 cal, .25g fat, 1g fiber

    Franks hot sauce to taste 0 cal, 0g fat, 0g fiber

    and sm drizzle of light ranch (fit & active) 70 cal, 7g fat, 0g fiber

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