Fight the Germs

Stephen and Becky had 2 fish that were not doing well with the other fish in their tank and let us try them out in our tank. Here is a video of our tank after.

Ok So I have 2 days to get caught up on it was all kind of a blur. Peanut got Strep Throat and spent the last two days watching movies in his room and playing Wii. Last night Heath’s throat started hurting and this morning it was worse so she is headed to the doctor this morning. If she is positive I’m going to get tested but so far I think I feel normal and I think Pumpkin is still ok. 

It has kind of been good timing for Peanut to get sick for two reasons. Fist his room is really close to being done and he got to break it in by spending almost all his time in there.   IMG_5894

I don’t think he has even sat on the bottom bunk yet but he loves to climb up top with a bunch of pillows and animals and watch movies on his DVD player and eat his meals.  IMG_5893

Last night he was feeling better and vacuumed his floor and opened his new blankets and decals and we got the blankets on the bed and the decals laid out to get strait.  IMG_5914

It was also good timing because when he was not in bed or the tub he was downstairs playing wii and pops’ valentines present showed up early.

He also sent Pumpkin some cool new clothes.

So yesterday I was on my own with them all day and luckily they slept in and I was able to get the wood split and stacked and the kitchen clean and laundry done while they were sleeping. When Peanut got up he just watched movies and played wii so when I was not disinfecting the areas he had just been I was packing for this weekend.

I’ve got a secret Valentines weekend planned for Heath and she does not know what we are doing but does know it involves some backpacking and camping. So yesterday I got out our packs and made some adjustments to them then packed all the food water and gear we would need. When Heath got home we folded all the laundry and started getting our other bag packed for the non camping part of our weekend.

Pumpkin and I had a lot of time together yesterday afternoon and evening and she started to mimic me when I was changing her. It’s just one small noise but I would do it and she would do it back and forth. You can see from all the slobber that we did it for a while. I got out the camera and it was a little distracting for her but she still remembered what to do.

She also laughed a lot yesterday and I hope to put up a laughing video soon.

This morning was nuts trying to get everyone where they needed to go but we did manage to dress the little ones in their matching shirts Becky and Stephen got them.

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  1. thePrewitt says:

    Heath is negative for strep.

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