Brinner Night

tortilla chips, salsa, melted shredded cheddar, scrambled eggs, zucchini, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomato, siracha, sausage, black beans, garlic fries, bacon, sausage, all on a whole wheat tortilla

Carefully roll that puppy up

and dig in.

Brinner night is one few dinners where we don’t have to ask Peanut to start eating 10 times before he does.

Before we ate dinner I headed to Independence on a craigslist firewood ad. In the ad it stated “The logs are very good sized and in the back yard at the bottom of a hill stacked around bottom of tree and will probably have to be split before you could carry them up the hill to the street to load. There is like three large ones and three smaller ones” Google said it was a 20 minute drive and I was not sure if 6 logs would be worth 40 minutes driving around and almost didn’t go but my wood pile was nearly gone so I decided to give it a shot. I found 4 logs that were junk. 1 had a hole through the middle where it had rotted, 2 where rotted on the ends so they would be tough to split and the 4th was big around, 4 feet long and full of knots. A maul would do me no good. A chainsaw may have helped but I didn’t bring one. I almost left empty handed but decided to carry the 3 logs I could lift up the hill and to the truck. The 4th was too big and really none of them were worth the effort or drive.

When I got home everyone else was there hanging out. Peanut was playing with the camera and thought he was filming movies but when I looked this morning there was only one movie file and it was the floor and him asking what the blinking light on the camera meant. He did take some pictures and got a couple of good ones of his baby sister.

We gobbled up all the brinner we could then cleared the table and I played with Pumpkin while Heath and Peanut made cookies for Peanuts valentines party today.

Instead of chocolate chips they used M&Ms and probably made some other changes to the recipe.

After the cookie dough was made Peanut hopped in the shower and played with a toy shaving kit and supposedly got clean. Heath baked the cookies. Peanut stayed in the shower forever and when he got out it was time to put on pajamas, eat a cookie, brush teeth and go to bed.

Heath has a respiratory infection and my back was tired so we had no problem crashing on the couch and watching TV. Modern Family really had us laughing.

After TV I brought the last of our wood from outside in and got all but 1 piece in the stove. Then we headed to bed.

This morning I stuck that last log and 1 one Berry found in the yard in the stove and probably ended my time filling the stove for this season.

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