Cornflake Nailgun

Used up all the relevant pictures during the post so here is a generic cute one.

Funny thing is I got this smile out of her from making fart noises with my mouth.

When I got home last night I was hungry. I had some chicken and some steak in the fridge thawed and decided to make the chicken and follow a recipe.

Surprised –

I know this is uncommon for me but rest assured I didn’t really measure anything or follow it exactly. Heath wanted to do a boxing deal on the Wii and since we are out of wood the basement has been freezing so Pumpkin joined me making dinner.

We got out the Aldi Corn Flakes and followed the recipe on the back for some sort of southwest baked breaded chicken breast in a margarita sauce. I cut the breasts into tenders then rolled them in flour cumin oregano and pepper then rolled them in egg then in smashed corn flakes and stuck them in the toaster oven for half an hour. While the chicken was cooking we mixed a can of black beans and corn and mixed in a small amount of franks sauce, put together a small salad and made the margarita sauce. It was some 1/2 and 1/2 some lime juice some cream cheese diced onion and I added a squirt of siracha.

Then I unstrapped Pumpkin and let her play on the floor and got Heath from the basement.

Everything was really tasty and we gobbled it up while watching Cattyshack.

After dinner I worked a bit on the computer and cleaned up stuff while Heath fed Pumpkin then the neighbors across the street came over to talk about how terrible Time Warner is and how to run the tv through the computer instead.

When they left I wrapped Pumpkin in a big blanket and we headed downstairs to make a plan for the wood name.

We made a plan then got all the pieces and brought them into the dining room. I brought in the compressor and nail gun and a few other tools and Heath and I shot nails into each letter attaching it to the trim at the bottom. All the letters stuck good and we were left with several little nail heads sticking out.

We had not really anticipated how hard it would be to tap these nails in. We both took turns trying to hit them with the punch and keep everything together and not let it move. It was really a two person job that was still not working well. We got a few letters done and Heath got a phone call so we took a break. I played with Pumpkin and took her for a diaper change.

She was in a really good mood and when I discovered the mess she made in her pants I knew why she felt so good. I got her all cleaned up and in pajamas then played with her till Heath was off the phone and Pumpkin was hungry.

Heath and I were both hungry again too so I decided to make us some dip. I cooked a bunch of spinach and added some corn and beans from dinner then a little cream cheese, velveta and milk. We dipped ranch rice cakes in it and it was really good.

Our name project was left on the dining room table and we were not real motivated to finish it.

Instead we put Pumpkin to bed, finished our dip and headed to bed.



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