A Jedi Comes Over

Heath getting ready to hug Anakin Skywalker
not photoshopped I picked up Pumpkin after work and played with her while I got some frozen salmon, ravioli and asparagus ready for dinner. When Heath got home she took over with Pumpkin and fed her on the couch. I got Berry in the van and we headed to minor park for a run on the trail.


It started out pretty good but we ran into two problems. First I was surprised to discover that carrying around my mighty beard has not kept me in shape. I was breathing hard and getting tired really quick.  It’s been a while since I have run and I could really tell. Second the trail was too sloppy.  IMG_6092

The spots that had snow on them were nice and firm but the rest was a sloppy mess and tough to run on. I’m guessing I only ran 1 mile in and 1 mile out. Plus I took a break in the middle for a few phone calls.Then Berry and I headed home and got our dinner. I boiled the ravioli made some sauce and boiled some cabbage to go with the baked salmon and asparagus.

After dinner we headed to Peanut’s room to finish up the last few things on his room remodel. I pealed the little kid trucks, trains, and planes stickers from his lamp shade and cleaned it up and Heath stuck on the big boy Jedis, droids, clones, and starships.
 IMG_6094 IMG_6095

Once the lamp was in good shape we moved on to Anakin. He cost us $20 but is nearly life size. He is made of 6 different stickers that can be pealed off and moved fairly easy and his light saber should glow in the dark (just like everything we got).


We had a ton of stickers leftover from the lamp so set up a few fight scenes on the other walls. IMG_6103

The small stickers are still pretty good size and also have glowing light sabers.


Heath made his bed and he should be pretty excited when he gets home tonight to check out his new decorations.


I think we may add a couple posters and hang a few things to finish his room.


The rest of the night was fairly uneventful. Pumpkin and I ran to Price Chopper and we watched a few minutes of TV and played with Pumpkin and tried to get her to go to sleep and I ended the night getting sucked into Lego Batman on the Wii and played it until I was cold and ready for bed.

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