That’s a Giant Taco!

Also known as The Pizza Taco or The Sloppy Jose
Like any weekend it all started with me leaving work on Friday. On my way home I stopped by Aldi for a cart full of fresh groceries then picked up Pumpkin then headed home.

Heath and Peanut got home at the same time and helped me unload the front seat of groceries. I don’t think we really did anything much on Friday night. We made a bunch of quesadillas and spinach cheese dip and watched a bunch of Olympics. Peanut and I played Batman a while and we got to bed at a decent hour.

Saturday morning I got up early and Jon came over and hung out while I ate my shredded wheat then we went to pick up a fancy pants china cabinet. The lady he got it from was a little late but we got it all loaded and into his basement safe and sound. When I got home everyone was sleeping still so I started messing with the fish tank. (most of this project was not finished Sat. morning but I stuck it all together)

I’m starting a crazy fish tank project that could be awesome and could be a disaster waiting to happen. To find out I built a test model in the shop.

This model was a disaster but for some reason I decided to go ahead and move into production. The tank at the top represents my big fish tank in the basement wall. The bottom tank will probably stay the same. I fill both with water and move all my filters and heaters and things to the bottom tank. Then I stick a pump in the bottom tank and pump clean warm water to the top tank. When the top tank fills it overflows and spills out. In my test it spills all over the place but in my real setup I hope to catch all the spill and funnel it into a hose that takes the water back into the lower tank to be cleaned and heated again.

Last night Stephen and I got out the silicone and installed 3 pieces of gray flexible plastic. First we put in a long slide that sticks out the side of the tank.
I hope all the water will stay in the slide and flow down it and into some pipes and back into the lower tank.

We also used the silicone and gray plastic to make a lip around the top of the tank. This lip should help from splashes getting out and make sure all the overflow goes down the slide. The green and white brush was just there to hold it down for the picture.

So last night we got all the silicone in and tonight we can run a small test.

Saturday morning when everyone got up I made scrambled eggs with quesadilla leftover ingredients so they had steak, beans and lots of spinach cheese dip in them. After breakfast Heath and Peanut went to a movie and Pumpkin and I worked on cleaning the house and garage and putting a coat of paint on the nails on her name sign and we did laundry.

When Heath and Peanut got home we all loaded up in the car and headed to my Aunt’s house to meet up with a bunch of the family for my Grandma’s 80th birthday party. 

We had lots of snacks and cake and ice cream and punch. When we got home Heath dropped Pumpkin and I off and she and Peanut went to church. Pumpkin and I started to make a dessert for dinner at the neighbors house. Eventually we decided we needed blue Jello and headed to Price Chopper. After finding our Jello and getting in line to checkout I got a call from Stooks. He had quit smoking and was in need of tea. So we headed back to the isles and found the tea.

Heath and Peanut got home about the same time we did and Heath helped me make the Jello. We put sharks and worms in it to be extra fun.

Then Peanut and I played Batman on the Wii till it was time to head across the street. The kids played and the grownups made Pumpkin smile and giggle and we feasted on crab legs and cheddar biscuits. Then we had Jello and the grownups had milkshakes. 
Heath and I ran home real quick and loaded a blender with ice cream. Irish cream, ice and bananas. It was pretty tasty. The kids got tired and we headed home to get Peanut in bed. Once he was in bed I headed over to Stooks to deliver the tea.

Sunday morning Peanut got me up early and wanted to play Wii Batman. I’ve been addicted lately and was all for it. We played till the girls got up then I cooked a very late breakfast that we decided would be breakfast and lunch. We had bacon, orange, grapes, apple cinnamon oatmeal with real apples in it, coffee, OJ, sweet potato wedges and cornflake battered chicken drumsticks.

It was a tasty feast and hit the spot. After breakfast we did dishes then folded laundry. Pumpkin fell back asleep and Peanut played in the tub. Then Heath and I took showers and we all got dressed and headed to the Great Mall for a birthday party.

I dropped everyone else off and then went chainsaw shopping and errand running. I went to 7 stores in search of a new chainsaw and a new bar for my old chainsaw. 2 stores were closed, all had good new chainsaws I want to consider and the 5th store had the bar that would fit my old saw. I took lots of notes and will do some research then pick out a saw and hopefully get it next week.

I also stopped at home depot and got the silicone, a bag of quick create and concrete coloring all for my fish tank project. Then I headed back to the mall and picked everyone up.

We were hungry and once home started making the giant tacos. We got taco meat and beans cooking and slightly baked 2 small frozen pizzas.

We also made some cheesy rice stuff and then Peanut helped turn the pizza into tacos by spreading on salsa, then covering 1/2  in meat, beans and cheese.

Then we folded it over and stuck it in the oven. Heath and I made a second one with peppers and onions and mushrooms on it.

Then we stuck it in the oven for a bit and when the insides were all melted and oozing out we pulled them out and had dinner.

They had a good flavor and were pretty fun but a lot like a sloppy Joe. You took a bite and the insides would squish out all around. It was a fun mess.

After dinner we cleaned up and everyone started watching TV so I got busy on my fish tank project and Stephen came over to help. When we were done for the night he headed home and told Peanut good night then got my chainsaw and started taking off my old bar. The new bar was a slightly different shape but fit on just fine and in no time I had a functioning chainsaw again.

Heath and I watched a bit of TV then headed to bed and put Pumpkin in her crib on the way.

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