Clean these Stinky Kids

I didn’t really have much planned for last night when I left work. This worked out ok, because on the way home I got a phone call from a friend. I’m not going to get into it on my website but my friend was having a tough time and needed some support. So our evening plan started there. Our whole family went to visit this friend and did not get home till after 7pm.

I will tell you while out we stopped at Hardee’s for dinner and I had my first Big Hardee.

Unfortunately I let it sit in the wrapper/bag for over an hour before opening it and eating it so it was not super impressive. I did notice that the sauce was not quite the same, maybe a little more vinegar flavor but there was a lot more beef.

I spent much of the next hour or so on the phone while Heath gave the kids baths with a tiny bit of help from me between calls.

First Peanut started taking a bath then we put Pumpkin’s tub in the tub and she took a bath alongside him. They both had fun and got clean.

After bath time Peanut got his pajamas on and got ready for bed while Heath dressed Pumpkin and fed her. Then I read Peanut a Star Wars book. It was a learn to read book and I went slow and pointed to the words as I read them and made Peanut read some of the words. He does a good job when he tries but usually he just guesses without even looking at the word. By the end though he was doing pretty good and went to bed pretty happy.

Then I headed downstairs and messed on the computer till Stephen and Becky came over to play fish tank. Becky just wanted to see the whole mess we were working on and then left. The silicone had all dried and Stephen and I got a test set up and then started adding water to the tank.

The plan was to add water until the tank was overfilled and water spilled out. The goal was for all the water to spill out down the slide and into the bucket. We added more and more water until the water started to spill out of the tank.

At first it looked great. I ran around to the front and didn’t see any water and we just let the hose run more and more water and it seemed to all be spilling into the slide and down to the bucket. However after a little while we noticed some leaks. Water started getting around our barrier and under the plastic ring around the top of the tank and was getting to high on the other side of the tank. We turned off the water and drained a little more from the tank.

So the first test was not 100% successful. Stephen and I came up with several plans on how to move forward. We could stick with the same plan and just fill in silicone anywhere we had issues and try again. Or we can move the sump tank above the regular tank, or build a top and seal it on this tank or we can go with a different filter setup entirely.

We hung out and talked about different options and the fish and stuff until Stephen headed home. I joined Heath on the couch and had a bowl of cereal and watched the Big Bang with her. I got really tired and barely stayed awake for the show. Once it was over we headed to bed.

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