An Uneventfull Night

We just played all night. Here is Pumpkin and Peanut playing.

Right when I got up yesterday morning I got out the crock pot and stuck in a whole chicken. Then I sprinkled on some Italian seasoning and a bit of garlic and herb marinade.

I set the pot on Low and left it alone for the next 10 hours. I ate an early lunch and was pretty hungry after work. When I came into the house it smelled…

(just a cute picture to add to the suspense of how it smelled)


I turned off the pot to let the chicken cool a bit and got a good smell of it. Then I started working on sides. I pealed 3 sweet potatoes and 2 normal potatoes and got them boiling. I filled a pan with frozen green beans onions and bacon and another with boiling cabbage with garlic salt. All these new smells added to the chicken smell and really got me hungry. I was hoping to have dinner ready before Heath and the kids got home but it took the potatoes a while to be soft enough to mash so they had time to feed Pumpkin a bit and start to get out toys before I called them in to eat.

10 hours was probably a bit too much for the chicken. I had a little trouble getting it out of the pot and it did not come in 1 peice. The legs and wings fell off so I served them first. and scooped up all the other meat that fell off and served that. The meat was pretty tasty.

After dinner while waiting for Peanut to finish I cleaned up the 70% of chicken we had left. It had cooked so much I just slid all the bones right out and dropped the meat into Tupperware for tonight’s dinner.

Then Heath and Peanut jumped into the knex they had gotten out before dinner.

Peanut built a bunch of spaceships and stuff and Heath built a glider following the instructions.

Pumpkin and I played with her little cups that stack and make noise and stuff.

Both of us got bored with these after a while when she was sure they were not to eat and I was sick of picking them up over and over. Pumpkin was wound up last night and I think she was really tired or hungry but too wound up to relax and eat or sleep. So I tried back rubs and walks and all sorts of things like letting her burn off the energy in the jumper.

For some reason while we were all playing I got motivated to play with the web cam and microphone and got a couple of skype accounts set up. chrisprewitt and hprewitt if you want to be our friend.

I had some trouble with the webcam and the upstairs computer so I tried downstairs and when I went down there Peanut got in the tub and Pumpkin calmed down a bit sitting on Heath’s lap watching the water come out of the faucet.

Luckily as soon as I got all the skype and web cam and mic ready Stooks got online and I was able to test things out.

We worked out some lighting problems and audio quality issues then got it working good. Heath came down and gave me Pumpkin and she tried to eat the microphone and breath really hard into it which I’m sure sounded really interesting for Stooks. When Peanut got out of the tub and in pajamas he was excited to give it a try and mostly made goofy faces into the camera and laughed at Stooks goofy faces. Then we sang Must be Santa and ended the call.

Peanut went to bed and I told him a story of Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy breaking into a building to steal a key to a giant diamond but getting caught by Batman and the Gotham Police Department.

Heath and I didn’t really have any ideas of what to do for the rest of the night and it was cold so we put on pajamas and climbed in bed for a mini Cops marathon. Pumpkin was still squirmy and wound up for a while but eventually she relaxed ate a bunch and passed out so I could stick her in the crib.

After Cops we fell asleep.

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