The Dinosaur in the Basement.

The title of this post really sounds like it should be the title of a children’s book.

Unfortunately for Peanut our dinosaur is the basement furnace.

It’s tough to see but we made these for dinner.

Inside the whole wheat wrap is fries, corn, black beans, onion, zucchini, green peppers, tomatoes, mushroom, celery, bbq sauce and chicken. The chicken was leftover from the crock pot the day before so the rest was really easy to get ready and then wrap up all together. While everything was warming up I headed downstairs to mess with the furnace.

Since we ran out of wood it has been really cold down there and the upstairs furnace has been running a lot more. The basement furnace has not been on for over 2 and a half years, even the pilot light has been off. I remembered it being fairly easy to put out the light and restart it so I opened it up and gave it a shot.

It took me a little bit to figure out what valves were A and B in the instructions but once I got it all situated it lit up no problem. I turned the thermostat up and the flames all kicked in.

Once the air was warmed up and the fan kicked on we could really smell the old dust in the vents and escaped upstairs for dinner. After dinner I checked on the furnace every once in a while to make sure it was working right. We also got busy on lots of projects we had been putting off all week. We did the dishes, swept the floors upstairs and down, vacuumed the whole upstairs and downstairs, dusted everything upstairs and downstairs and picked up all the toys and junk all over the house. We even got Pumpkin’s laundry all put away and shot 3 nails through her name sign into the wall.
Once it was up and looked good we covered the holes up and touch up painted over them.  The furnace had blown a lot of stinky dust all over the basement but after wiping down everything and vacuuming it looked and smelled much better, plus an air freshener really took over. Heath decided she didn’t like Peanut’s hair and my haircut had turned out so good she decided to give him one.

She buzzed him with a #5 guard and said it turned out really good and he liked it.

Pumpkin mostly rode around in the front pack and helped me sweep and vacuum by kicking her legs up and down a bunch. Peanut helped some and did a good job getting his shower, his teeth brushed and getting ready for bed. As a reward we let him play some Batman on the Wii while I worked down there with Pumpkin.

Once Peanut was in bed we did the last of our cleaning then tried to get Pumpkin ready for bed. She was not interested in sleeping and instead wanted to hang out with Heath and I. She snuggled in to eat and once full and comfortable passed out in Heath’s lap. We decided to celebrate a productive night with a couple of cold glasses of Blue Moon.
(with orange slices of course)

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