5 Months Old

To Celebrate 5 Months Pumpkin had some super fresh milk. It’s her favorite

I got back to business though. It seems like ever since we cut down those trees I’ve been relaxing and nursing my sore back.  Finally last night I was itching to get busy. I started by firing up the chainsaw and cutting all the long locust branches that Jon and I had piled up in front of our house months before. It was a good haul of wood but nothing like the pile we got last weekend. I sawed them all up and added them to my pile.

The new stuff is in the foreground and seems smaller and older. While we are on the subject of wood, this morning I got up early and did some splitting.

I focused my efforts on the biggest maple chunks and they split pretty well.

So last night I cut up the branches and was left with a pile of wood an a pile of sawdust.

I got some chicken thawing then got the girls and we decided to quickly walk the mile loop since it was not too cold out.

I was sweaty and woody so I stripped down to a t shirt then strapped on the baby and put a jacket over the both of us.

Pumpkin always loves looking around so going on a walk like this gives her plenty to look at. We stayed in the neighborhood but still managed to stir up a deer.

Once home from our walk we quickly cooked the chicken cut up a bunch of veggies and made 2 big salads. Heath made guacamole on the side and we ate the whole dish.

(I always tell Peanut this is elephant snot)

Pumpkin crashed on the couch during dinner so we finished in peace and got the dishes done. As soon as she woke up we stuck her in the car seat and headed to Aldi.

We overfilled a cart, paid and then loaded it all in the backseat of the car.

We decided to stop at Big Lots on the way home and pick up an antenna. I really want to get rid of Time Warner Cable and try getting our TV free over the air but before we can do that I need antennas. I was pleased to find Big Lots has 3 models of digital antennas, a $10 amplified model, a $6 adjustable model and a $3 basic one. We picked up a $10 and a $3 one.

Then we headed home and unpacked groceries. Heath fed the baby and did some work stuff on the computer and I got busy. I unloaded the dishwasher and did all the dishes then made a lasagna for tonight’s dinner then made a smoothie for today’s breakfast and got all the baby bottles washed and some ready for the sitter today. I got the fish fed and a load of baby diapers washing. Then I opened up the $3 antenna and plugged it into the bedroom tv and told the tv to scan for channels.  I was kind of expecting it to be terrible and I would switch to the amplified model but it found like 20 channels and almost all of them looked really good. Pumpkin and I messed around the house till Heath was done working. Then she fed Pumpkin and we all headed to bed. We left the Time Warner box unplugged and tried out the free tv till we went to bed.

Bonus Video


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