Video has little to do with our busy weekend

Warning this song is likely to get stuck in your head.

More Wood

Stooks told me about a free firewood sign near his house that had a huge pile next to it. So after work Friday Pumpkin and I headed over. Stooks and his friend helped me get a good load of wood then we hung out for a bit and when Pumpkin got fussy we headed home. Once home I hurried to grill up burgers, chicken nuggets and boca burgers and we ate dinner.

After dinner we all put on our nice clothes and headed to the church for family pictures for the directory. We took a bunch of OK family pictures then some OK ones of just the kids and then a couple really nice ones of just Heath and I. Then they tried to sell us packages of photos and nice canvas prints and all sorts of stuff but they were pretty expensive and not that great of pictures so we took the 1 free one the church gets us and our picture for the directory and headed out.

The kids and I did a good job smiling so Heath took us to Dairy Queen for ice cream. We ate in the car on the way to Stooks house. Once there we changed clothes and Stooks and I got another load of wood from his neighbor.

Then we all hung out and played wii and watched Fraggel Rock till it was time to get Peanut and Pumpkin in bed.

Stooks followed us home and after Peanut and Pumpkin were in bed we sat down and shortly realized we all wanted to go to bed so Stooks headed home and we went to bed. Saturday morning I cooked up a bunch of mini pancakes. Regular, apple cinnamon and triple berry; the apple cinnamon were the best. I got started on my wood pile and was glad to find the new wood was also fairly easy to split. 

Once everyone was ready to go we took a walk to enjoy the warmer weather. I just wore a A frame shirt and a jacket with a baby in it. The baby makes me sweaty.


We headed east on the trail by our house that used to end after a block or so but now the new part of the trail is done and it goes a lot farther.  IMG_6304

We talked about being explorers as we found our way along the new trail. (We did hike the trail a little ways last year after climbing over the orange construction fence but now it is lots longer.)

Anywhere the trail went next to the creek they had this fake wood fence that was made of concreate pieces died brown.


These fences were no match for Berry and he easily found himself in the water swimming.


Pumpkin loves hiking and looks around and watches Peanut and Berry zip around.


But all the excitement wears her out and once again on the way back she was out.


Once home we ate a little lunch of sandwiches then the girls headed to a baby shower and Peanut and I got to work on the pile.

We both split for a while then he climbed the wood pile for a while and I split then we played police and shot log guns at bad guys from the back of my truck. We headed inside and Peanut laid down and rested and watched Batman and I got to work on the kitchen.

It was a quick easy job. We have lots of pots and pans and lids that take up lots of cabinet space so I put up 8 screws and now we have lots more cabinet space.

When Batman was over Peanut and I headed back to Stooks to get a 3rd truckload of wood but when we got there we only found 1 big log and no Stooks. I grabbed the log and we headed home. On the way home Peanut told me he wanted BBQ for dinner. So I got some pork rubbed down and slow cooking on the gril. I made baked beans with bacon and rotel in them and cheesy corn and grilled sweet potato chips. Heath and Pumpkin came home and everyone but me laid down in bed to rest a bit before dinner. The girls got up around 7 and we watched some tv while the pork cooked then we all ate dinner and watched snow white. Everything turned out really good and ate and ate and ate.

After dinner I pulled out a surprise dessert of chocolate pudding with whip cream and strawberries. We ate that too and then the kids went to bed and Heath and I went downstairs and played wii till it got late.

Sunday I got up first and drained some water from my fish tank and then filled it all the way up with clean water and I changed out the filters and arranged the rocks some. Heath and Peanut got up, showered and went to church. Pumpkin and I did some dishes and played for a while then worked on the laundry. She was fussy but I eventually got her to watch the fan and of course that knocked her out.

While she slept I watched cops and folded laundry till Peanut and Heath got home. We left Pumpkin on the bed and I made the biggest pan of nachos ever. They had a ton of eggs, bacon, crab, cheese, beans, onions, green peppers and salsa on them. Heath and Peanut did puzzles for a while and I headed outside and worked on the wood.

They could not resist the sun and everyone came outside.

We all split and played till close to 2. Then I had to get dressed up nice and head to work for a remote broadcast.

(just testing the mics)

We had a broadcast from a library in KCMO about the KCMO schools. There was a decent sized audience and 3 guests and 2 hosts plus several of us working behind the scenes.

4 different TV stations showed up to report on the event and Heath and Peanut sent me a text from home saying they saw me on the news.

(I’m guessing in a shot like this, I am under and to the right of the tv in the background)

After the remote we packed everything up around a crowd that was content being in the way and asking questions of the guests. We eventually were able to get to everything and get it all loaded up. The library people invited the radio people for a sip of wine in the stacks and we all had a little wine and talked about how well it went. Then we took all the stuff back to the station and put it away then I headed home.

Heath had cooked up a great dinner of beef and veggies stir fry with a tangy orange ginger flavor. I was starved from all the splitting, setting up, packing up and standing around. I ate a ton then put on pajamas and all of us headed to bed.


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