No More Cable

We have had a good streak going of walking lately. I missed Sunday’s walk but Heath and the kids went so some of us have been walking/hiking since last Wednesday and the weather has just been getting better. Tonight it is supposed to be rainy so it may kill the streak. I got home from work, got some rice cooking, started cutting up veggies and when everyone else got home we went for our walk. It looked like it was going to rain any minute so we just walked in our neighborhood, left Berry at home and didn’t mess with Peanut’s bike. This let him walk right beside his sister and make goofy noises to maker her giggle.  IMG_6373

Eventually he got distracted by a helicopter and a massive pile of dog doo and left her alone long enough to fall asleep.


When we got home we wheeled Pumpkin right into the house and left her sleeping in the stroller. I turned on the stove and started adding to my pan of veggies. Tonight’s plan was to introduce Peanut to curry and see what he thought. To help him like it I did not put much in that he didn’t like. I used potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, corn, black beans, chunks of apple, kielbasa sausage and chunks of pork steak. I also added zucchini, onions and celery but tried not to serve him much of these. I used the sweetest mildest curry and had him read the box that said something about flavors of apple and honey.Everything cooked in a pot for a while and then we got this.

We served it on top of piles of steamed rice. He started out finding all his sausages and eating them up but then moved on to everything in his bowl. He saved the zucchini for last but had to eat it to get more sausage. We all 3 ended up getting refills and ate a lot of the filling stuff. As soon as it was gone we had some peaches mixed with plain yogurt slightly frozen and then we steered Peanut strait to the tub.

He took a bath and Heath fed Pumpkin. Pumpkin had woken up before dinner and during the meal spun circles in her jumper.

I started messing with the tv at this point but I’ll get into that later. After Peanut’s bath, he and Heath started playing with this game.

You spin a timer and have 60 seconds to get all the pieces in their place or it explodes them out. Pumpkin and I had been playing but heard the timer and came to investigate. I joined in the game and laid Pumpkin on her tummy to watch us. I laid Pumpkin just out of reach and she worked at crawling for a while but then gave up and started rolling. She rolled over to the clothes Peanut set out for school the next day and spread them out and tasted all of them.

She got her butt in the air a few times and may have scooted backwards a bit but has not started crawling. We played till bedtime then I changed Pumpkin and Heath read Peanut some Shel Silverstein. Once Pumpkin was changed I started folding the last of the laundry while Pumpkin watched me from the bed. Heath came in and fed her and Pumpkin fell asleep. Once the laundry was done we left Pumpkin and headed to the family room. The DVR in our room was acting up and Heath was pissed she could not watch House. So we decided to get rid of Time Warner finally.

We took the box out of our room and connected the tv right to the $3 antenna. In the family room we hooked up 2 antennas to 2 tuner cards in our computer and they each got 24 channels. We also lowered the shelf the computer sits on so we have more room to get to the DVR player. We get 24 channels now and can record 2 things at a time in the family room if we want. Heath went through the guide and picked a bunch of cartoons to record for Peanut and a few new shows for us. Right now we have 500Gb of hard drive space just for recordings but that will be easy to grow if we need to and we will be able to watch the recorded shows from any computer in the house. This new setup should save us $60-$70 a month in cable television fees. We still need to get an antenna for the TV downstairs but for now we can watch recorded things from it. Once it was all set up we played for a while and really liked how well it was all working. We celebrated by staying up late watching recorded old school episodes of Cops.

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